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The TRAX facility analytics platform is a unique blend of data analysis and technology that monitors the movement of people and assets to help facilities improve operations and the overall customer experience. Areas of application for TRAX Analytics solutions are pivotal points in a patron’s experience and their experience at each of these points can influence whether they choose to return in the future.

TRAX SmartRestroom

TRAX Analytics offers throughput counting, passive staff tracking, feedback tablets, occupancy data, dispenser data, and a mobile application. All of these capabilities together give you a 360° view of your washroom to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and deliver higher customer satisfaction.

  • Restroom usage, trends, peak hours, and alerts
  • Attendant check in's, location status, and cleaning durations captured completely passively
  • Guest feedback survey data and KPI metrics
  • Mobile app for real-time alerts, task management, work order management, and inventory management
  • Real time alerts for product depletion and restocking needs
  • Stall occupancy lightand latches

TRAX Concessions

TRAX Concessions helps you identify and understand the trends of your customers with data points like wait times, dwell times, and heat maps. Are patrons lingering in certain areas? Are they browsing or buying? Are they missing your place of business entirely? Use technology to capture analytics on usage, popularity, wait times, work orders, missed opportunities, staff performance, and more. We’ll help you understand if your plans are optimal and what is impacting your profitability. With our real-time alerts of situational changes in the venue, you’ll always be in the know.

Queue Lines

TRAX Queue Management Systems (QMS) allows instant visibility into wait times using next generation technology. A combination of different technologies enables our QMS solution to give you timely and accurate assessments of your queue times and alert you of any issues.

TRAX Enterprise

TRAX Enterprise starts with the base platform of our SmartRestrooms solution and adds geo-spatial tracking, work order management, links to ERP and WMS, and Augmented Reality to truly maximize efficiency.

This enterprise mobile-based solution improves facility management by allowing for visualization of staff location, integration with work order management systems, and real-time views of custodial, maintenance, and facility operations.

Digital Transformation Planning

Digital transformation planning allows for the analysis and understanding of your infrastructure, organization, and business goals while utilizing technology to break down siloes and map out a plan for success. TRAX Analytics will help bring visibility to how innovative technology can improve your facility, operations, business revenues, and guest experiences.

Innovation Consulting

TRAX Analytics can help transform your facility and improve guest experience with Innovation Consulting. We’ll create an innovation plan to keep you on the cutting edge, efficient, and memorable to your customers to grow into new opportunity.

Data Analysis

With the advent of IoT, we are collecting more data than ever before, and many don’t have the resources to manage or analyze it. Our data scientists can help you understand the data you are collecting, identify trends in your business, and give you the power to make decisions to move your business forward. We offer the resources you need to take your data and make order out of the chaos.


Utilize technology to monitor traffic flow and curbside behavior in real-time. This solution assists personnel in reallocating resources and shuttle drivers by allowing them to see the number of patrons waiting in line. Curbside can also alert personnel of problem areas that require attention.


Interested in finding out more about how we can help your business with a TRAX Solution? Whatever you need, TRAX can help. Talk to one of our experts.