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Manage Your Facilities

TRAX Enterprise provides the mobile tools and technology to effectively manage facilities and operations. TRAX Enterprise links critical systems, and ties together facility management, so users can utilize a single application across all lines of service. See resources and assets, integrate with your work order management system, and dispatch staff-based on real-time datasets and needs.

TRAX Enterprise Manage your facilities

Mobile Application

The TRAX Enterprise mobile app gives visibility to your resources and assets in real-time within your facility. Manage your assets, initiate work orders, and schedule and assign resources. Our mobile app can support custodial operations, maintenance operations, and facility management teams while providing actionable datasets triggered by sensors throughout your facility.

TRAX Enterprise Mobile App

Indoor Mapping and Wayfinding

Our full enterprise solution integrates maps of your facility to track customer movement, staff routes, and congregation points. It also allows for immediate work order placement on a map, allocation of that work order to staff, and provides wayfinding to the exact location. Speed up response time by guiding your team step-by-step to arrive to an issue, and fix an issue while ensuring top-notch a guest experience.

TRAX Enterprise Indoor Mapping and Wayfinding