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Airport pilots smart restrooms

Airport Pilots Smart Restrooms

From SmartCitiesWorld:

LAX is also partnering with Infax, a data-driven provider of IT solutions for airports and other public venues, which works in conjunction with Tooshlights where it provides Infax with real-time venue-specific data that allows airport officials to track the occupancy usage of restroom stalls.

“We’re incredibly excited to try out this new technology, which should help improve our guest experience and allow us to better monitor and service our restrooms,” said Barbara Yamamoto, chief experience officer at Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) which owns LAX.

“The desire for clean and available restrooms is consistently in the top ranks of what guests want at an airport, and this will help us provide a higher level of service to the traveling public and allow us to better meet our strategic goal of delivering facilities and guest experiences that are exceptional.”

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