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2022 Smart Restroom Trends

USA TODAY - Best new airport amenities of 2018: Smart bathrooms...

In our roundup of the best new air­port amenities of 2017, we celebrated perks such the 24-hour “microcinema” at Portland International Airport, Pitts­burgh International Airport’s introduc­tion of “MyPITpass,” which allows the nonflying public to visit the secure side of the airport, and the opening of ROAM Fitness, an in-airport gym at Baltimore ­Washington International Airport.

    The 2018 honor roll is once again full of fresh new amenities and creative bo­nus activities introduced by airports, airlines and in-terminal vendors work­ing hard to make airport dwell time less stressful, more enjoyable and, at times, surprising.

Los Angeles International Airport has red and green overhead lights to signal whether a bathroom stall is occupied. 

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