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What Smart Restroom Data Will Tell You

What Smart Restroom Data Will Tell You

 From Facility Management:

Like so much else in today’s world, advances in data gathering and business intelligence software offer significant opportunities to improve the public washroom guest experience. Smart Restroom solutions built on a foundation of sensor-based data collection and analytics software is vaulting the public washroom experience from the Dark Ages to the 21st Century – and the change is as dramatic and welcome to guests and facility managers around the world.

Today’s Smart Restroom solutions include features such as customer throughput counting that allows facility managers to track bathroom usage volume in real-time. Ensuring restroom supplies are always available becomes easier when the data is available to inform the facilities manager about how often restrooms are being used and how many users are passing through them. Over time, this type of data can help make the case for restroom changes that may be necessary to accommodate guests, this includes adding or removing toilets and stalls or creating additional restroom space. The data also helps facilities managers make informed and improve decisions when it comes to supply procurement and storage which can lead to opportunities for cost savings.

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