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TRAX Touchless Feedback

TRAX Touchless Feedback

Guest feedback has been a core component and data source feeding our TRAX SmartRestroom platform since the solution’s genesis in 2017. Our clients consistently see the power that the data brings when correlated with restroom usage, custodian cleaning information, inventory data, work order management, and predictive analytics. Supported by an industry-leading feedback provider, we placed hundreds of feedback tablets at some of the world’s busiest facilities and gathered millions of guest responses.

While COVID impacted the world and drastically changed the way our facilities functioned, our team continued to serve our clients nation-wide but consistently heard the message of needing a mobile, touchless solution to support their operations during this disruption. Our software development team created a unique solution that utilizes Near Field Communication technology to push survey requests to guests to gather the same, robust data while remaining completely touchless and compliant to the new normal. We believe that a touchless mobile solution will support our facilities and those that manage them when feedback and confidence in the cleanliness mean more to guests than ever before.