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This International Women’s Day TRAX is highlighting the amazing women who have contributed to the success of our company and what keeps them fulfilled. 

Lindsay Barbour
Lindsay Barbour, Director of Client Success

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Barbour


Initially, I began my career in Client Success working for a major waste and recycling broker based out of Atlanta for 5+ years. This company was a technology startup, with a heavy focus on creating a SaaS platform, and saving their clients millions in fees. This job was my first taste working for fast-paced, hyper-focused companies with a primary focus on building client relationships. Needless to say, I loved it! 

I’d found my passion and strength in understanding client needs, goals, and most importantly, developing strong relationships with clients. Additionally, I’d found my niche in Client Success Management for startups, SaaS technology. After working for a higher ed-tech startup in NYC for five years, and moving my way up the ladder, I found myself looking at that dreaded “glass ceiling” in that space. Thankfully, I met Tracy Davis, and not only did she believe in me, my experience, but more importantly, we both connected on our number one goal. That goal being, clients are the life and soul of TRAX, and developing relationships with each client on a partnership and personal level creates trust and ensures we’re always meeting their needs. 
After managing hundreds of portfolios, I’ve come to love working with our TRAX family airport-based clients! The sky is certainly the limit as the TRAX technology meets the needs of more than just airport space clients – myself and the CS team here at TRAX can’t wait to further expand into the world of stadiums, higher ed, office buildings, etc!


The first piece of advice I’d give someone who’s looking to get into Client Success is to ensure they’re passionate about building relationships and know that communication skills are at the forefront of this space and any client success job. Secondly, starting from the bottom might mean assisting a Client Success Manager. This is actually a wonderful opportunity! You’ll learn the ropes of relationship development, client goal establishment, client ROI basics, and on-site meeting prep/delivery. 

Finally, a mindset of “client first” is a must. In my experience, when working at a fast-paced, growing company, it’s easy to drift sometimes away from the client’s perspective. It’s the priority of a Client Success employee to raise their hand internally and advocate for client needs while maintaining an external balance of client requests. Understanding that Client Success is the voice for the client but also an internal voice that helps product development, sales, and marketing connects to the clients their work serves!