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Congratulations are in order, today we are highlighting our new Project Manager, Chelsea Diaz to the TRAX family! 

Chelsea Diaz
Chelsea Diaz, Project Manager

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Diaz

A few years ago, I was walking out of an Atlanta Airport restroom, and I saw a survey tablet mounted on the wall providing feedback on the restroom’s cleanliness. I remember thinking that this was such a great idea and how cool it would be to work for a company that develops these types of applications. Little did I know that in 2021, I would get the opportunity to work for that exact company – Trax Analytics.

Before joining the TRAX analytics world, I worked for my family’s print media business, Xpress Printing Services. I was the project manager, which included managing print-related projects for Pharmaceutical, Real estate, Entertainment, and Airline industry clients. I enjoyed working for a small business, taking what my father had created, and improving business processes to ensure continued success. I found my strength in project management and enjoyed organizing projects and working with vendors and clients. While working at Xpress, I decided to pursue my MBA from Georgia State University with a concentration in Operations Management. I successfully graduated in December 2020.

Going back to school and getting my MBA was not only helpful for my career but also a personal achievement. One of the takeaways from the program was venturing outside my comfort zone. Besides attending career fairs and joining clubs, I was among 12 students out of 200 to be selected for an immersion program called Panthers in the Valley.  This program gave us the opportunity to learn and network with companies in Silicon Valley, including Netflix, Microsoft, Google, and Niantic Labs (creators of Pokémon Go). From this experience, I learned that it is possible to set my goals high.

After my MBA, I wanted to venture into the tech world and work for a company specializing in platform-based services. Only a month into my new role at TRAX, I know I have made the right decision because I am enjoying the team atmosphere and can see the great potential the Trax products offer.

When I’m not working on Clean + Inspect projects, I love to run half marathons in different places around the world and spend time with my dog, Buñuelo.