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Today we celebrate Nick Shumate from Client Success and what experiences molded him into who he is today!

Nick Shumate
Jennifer Brown, Project Manager for Large Infrastructure

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Nick Shumate

My name is Nick Shumate, and I am the Lead Client Success Manager with TRAX Analytics. I graduated in 2018 from the University of Georgia with a degree in Communications Studies and a Certificate in New Media. Being born and raised in Georgia, taking my place in the UGA dynasty has truly molded me into what I am today. The pillars that shaped me from my experience are built upon determination, competitiveness, and giving back to the community. 

For most of my life, the sport of lacrosse has also made a considerable contribution in constructing these three supporting pillars. This game taught me the importance of teamwork, friendship, trust, and the work ethic to achieve excellence. Not only do I strive for excellence in the workplace, but in the game of life as well.

From my experience, to play the game of life correctly, one may better themselves by making an impact in the lives of others. This notion influenced my passion to coach and mentor individuals and teams to positively impact their future. In school, I was able to mentor an unbelievably kind individual with Down Syndrome who dreamed of going to the University of Georgia. With his determination, I was able to be a part of his growth, and he is now a proud UGA alumni. In my mind, I knew it could not stop there, which is why coaching lacrosse made its way back into my life. 

With the opportunity given to me by an old teammate, I have had the pleasure of being the offensive coordinator for a Varsity lacrosse team in my hometown. It is amazing how one can always find their way back home to bring a positive influence to the community. As a direct result of this path of passion I have been walking on, I knew this would directly impact how I approach my career.

Working in Client Success has been a great career path choice based on experiences that have molded me. I knew I wanted to be able to create long-lasting relationships and provide solutions to help clients achieve their desired goals. 

Sharing trust with a client where they know you will deliver when called upon is probably the most rewarding part of my role in Client Success. Establishing this is what leads to continued renewals and partnerships, which is key to any Saas company’s success! If you are looking for a high-paced work environment where you can be a mentor by establishing trusting relationships, Client Success is THE department to consider! We work to positively impact our clients so they can achieve operational excellence through the TRAX platform.