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TRAX® Analytics Turns Day-To-Day Management of a Complex Facility Into a Data-Driven Process

TRAX® Analytics Turns Day-To-Day Management of a Complex Facility Into a Data-Driven Process

For years now, smart technology has been simplifying essential functions of businesses, both small and complex. TRAX Analytics has created and continued to perfect custodial tools that reduce human workloads, improve workplace efficiency, ensure optimal hygiene, and streamline the way complex facilities operate.

Let’s take a brief look at how businesses can use TRAX’s tools to reduce the complexities of managing large facilities.

Real-time Service Requests

TRAX Analytics can monitor an entire facility and create service alerts as soon as an issue occurs. This feature dramatically reduces the need for custodial teams to manually visit and inspect restroom facilities throughout their shifts.

When an error occurs, a restroom runs out of certain items, or sanitation is needed, TRAX technology informs custodial staff immediately so that cleaning professionals can complete tasks quickly and effectively.

Analyzing Performance

TRAX Analytics monitors custodial performances based on both time and quality. Each sanitation procedure allows the technology to collect and analyze data, which helps ensure that a consistent level of care goes into completing services.

The data points out which procedures are completed as effectively as possible, as well as opportunities for improvement. It gathers information about how long a standard cleaning takes, and provides data that custodial teams can use to improve efficiency and reduce the time they spend completing each task.

Managing Schedules and Activity

TRAX tools can be viewed and managed on a single mobile application. As such, managers can develop and launch schedules, inspections, and team member breaks without manually searching for the team members included in a given task.

Additionally, TRAX technology monitors custodial activities and allows cleaning professionals to check off tasks on their to-do lists in real-time. An organized task list helps teams manage time efficiently and reduces the potential to overlook tasks that arise throughout a given shift.

Ensuring Ideal Inventory

To ensure the best possible guest experience, TRAX Analytics makes it easy to determine how much inventory is available in storage and how much is available to use in restroom facilities. When availability levels reach a certain point, restocking alerts automatically trigger. When storage levels reach a certain point, a re-ordering notification will trigger.

With this level of inventory management, facilities never have to run out of soaps, toilet paper, paper towels, and other items needed to ensure cleanliness.

TRAX Analytics creates tools to help businesses keep a constant eye on facility processes. The technology keeps track of facility cleanliness and operations, then alerts custodial teams when a need arises or a scheduled procedure is due. By monitoring inventory, performance, activity, schedules, and service needs, managers and teams alike can reduce the time spent manually checking restroom facilities for issues.

By creating a data-driven process, TRAX Analytics allows day-to-day management to flow with ease, freeing management professionals and custodial teams from time-intensive practices that no longer require a human touch.