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How Can We Get Gen Z Interested in Facilities Management

How Can We Get Gen Z Interested in Facilities Management?

Attracting a new generation of employees to facilities management jobs calls for a hiring and performance approach that appeals to Gen Z values. There are several things young people look for when searching for employment, and a workplace that meets their needs will find it easier to hire Gen Z workers than workplaces that don’t.

Let’s examine a few ways to bring more Gen Z workers into facilities management positions.

Welcome Diversity

The newest generation of workers tends to find a diverse work environment fulfilling. Gen Z individuals like to interact with co-workers and clients from all backgrounds. An inclusive space free from discriminatory behaviors attracts a large percentage of the talent pool available.

Ideal Work-Life Balance

Getting young people into facilities management jobs requires rethinking the way work and personal life are separated. Gen Z employees understand the benefits of an ideal work-life balance when it comes to productivity and work satisfaction. Offering schedules that consider employee health and wellbeing is an optimal way to establish Gen Z careers.

Continuous Innovation

The youngest generation of workers grew up with technology, and as such, Gen Z tech-savviness is a vital piece of the puzzle. Young people expect to use technology in their daily lives, and the workplace is not an exception. Remaining open to technological innovation when it comes to facilities management tools and services helps simplify work processes, increase productivity, and ensure that a capable staff is at the helm of workplace procedures.

Well-Rounded Training

Efficiency and progress are essential elements to consider when hiring for Gen Z careers. Young adults value knowing the full scope of their position, the correct way to operate, and the best path to take in order to move up. Providing educational opportunities and up-to-date training are fundamental ways to show Gen Z workers that there’s a future in the industry to which they’ve applied.

Competitive Wages and Benefits

With the cost of living constantly increasing, young workers must consider pay grades and benefits when applying for employment. Many, if not most, Gen Z workers are looking for careers that:

  • Pay competitive wages
  • Offer health insurance
  • Provide retirement, paid training, and education
  • Operate under respectful leadership 

Making young workers an offer that they won’t likely find elsewhere is a great way to obtain new hires and keep turnover rates relatively low.

In addition to being aware of new technologies that aim to simplify facility management, owners and managers need to adapt employment offerings to attract Gen Z applicants. A competitive market requires competitive offerings to draw in the best possible candidates.