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4 Casino Health and Wellness Initiatives to Look Out for in 2022

4 Casino Health and Wellness Initiatives to Look Out for in 2022

Health and safety are at the forefront of many people’s minds even as we progress into a sense of normalcy. Businesses and individuals alike are more concerned about health and wellness practices than at any time in the recent past, and as such, many industries are exploring their options.

Like many other businesses, casinos are taking steps toward a safer facility by utilizing health and wellness incentives. Let’s briefly explore four changes to look for in 2022.

#1- Infection Control Programs

A key element of enhancing health and wellness in casinos is the system of practices used to prevent the spread of infection. To meet the needs of today’s visitors, casino management teams are seeking more effective ways to implement infection control into casino amenities.

To reduce risk potential in casino environments, an infection control program would develop and adopt the following:

  • A unique range of facility-wide plans and procedures for infection control
  • Disease prevention training for casino employees
  • Well-rounded testing protocols to screen for illness
  • Social distancing guideline adherence
  • A compliance officer that manages health and safety
  • Daily health screenings before staff members begin work
  • Full assessments for contagious illness when health concern triggers
  • Effective illness case management, including adequate quarantine requirements

#2- Employee Health Incentives

On top of reducing infection risks, some casinos are considering or implementing employee health incentives as part of their plans to improve overall business success. A strong focus on employee wellness stands to reduce burnout, prolonged absence, exposure to illness, and avoidable health issues.

These incentives may include workplace wellness challenges, routine wellness screenings, nutritional counseling, stress management classes, and fitness center membership coverage.

#3- Guest Amenities

Casino guests may soon be able to take advantage of health and wellness incentives at various resorts. Casino management teams hope to provide visitors with an array of amenities they can use to occupy themselves and strive for better health.

In 2022, resorts may start offering on-site gym access to guests and hosting fitness-related classes that guests can participate in, like yoga, group workouts, and meditation sessions.

#4- Improved Casino Ventilation

Casino air quality has been a concern for years, and in the recent past, the effort to provide casino staff and visitors with clean air has increased. Owners and managers alike seek to adopt better air quality management practices to optimize community health and wellness within the facility.

Combatting the typically poor air quality in casinos may include (but is not limited to) the following steps:

  • Using oxidizers to eliminate odors and prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Regularly maintaining HVAC systems
  • Replacing HVAC systems with Underfloor Air Distribution systems (UFADs)
  • Installing and utilizing effective air filtration systems

Enhancing health and safety protocols prevents an array of loss-inducing events. Because it helps protect both businesses and the people who keep the business operating, health and wellness initiatives are an excellent idea for any casino facility.