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10 Post-Event Evaluation Questions & Survey Setup Tips

10 Post-Event Evaluation Questions & Survey Setup Tips

A post-event evaluation is a questionnaire sent out after an event to collect attendees’ opinions on how the event turned out. The key is knowing the right questions to include in your post-event survey to get the necessary information.

Why It’s Important

After a big event, many organizations want to feel out about their audience. While metrics on the number of guests are essential, feedback is another integral piece of the puzzle regarding improvement.

Questions to Ask

Here are 10 post-event evaluation questions to get an idea on how your participants felt about your event:

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend this event to a friend?
  2. What made you decide to attend this event?
  3. How satisfied were you with the number of sessions offered?
  4. How satisfied were you with the quality of the sessions?
  5. How helpful was the staff?
  6. How organized was the event?
  7. Did you make any networking connections during the event?
  8. What are the ways this event could have been improved?
  9. What topics would you like to see discussed at future events?
  10. Do you have any comments or suggestions for us?

Survey Setup Tips

Now that you have a baseline for your follow-up survey questions, here are some tips to make the most of your survey.

  • Be Deliberate on Timing

Your survey is part of your event, not an afterthought. Before the event begins, put the groundwork in place regarding your survey. You can implement it in a thank-you email, or even pass it around while the event is still going on.

  • Mix Up Your Question Types

Including open-ended questions will get your opinions rather than numbers and data. But it’s important to remember that holding people’s attention for a long is difficult. Mix up your list with open-ended questions, yes/no responses, ratings, and suggestions.

  • Keep It Short and Sweet

If someone took the time to click on your survey, it’s a good idea to get them started fast. Make the first question something they can answer quickly, like a rating or a multiple choice question. After that, don’t drag the survey on. Ask the questions that matter and thank the participants for their time – or, even better, reward them with gift cards or discounts.

Your Post-Evaluation Survey

Follow-up surveys are a foolproof way to get an accurate idea of how your event played out. Use these tips to ensure your next survey is successful.