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Jennifer Brown Promoted to Vice President of Operations

Congratulations to Jennifer Brown on her well-deserved promotion to Vice President of Operations of TRAX Analytics. Today we’re celebrating her!

Jennifer Brown Promotion
Jennifer Brown, Promoted to Vice President of Operations
  1. Who are you? Introduce yourself!  How many years you’ve been at TRAX?

My name is Jennifer Bruce (yes, I got married last year!). I have been with TRAX for over four years. I started as a Lead Project Manager, implementing and installing the ‘beta’ version of TRAX. Since then, I’ve seen TRAX explode – personally, leading projects in over twenty-two states. When I was promoted to Director of Project Management, I got the chance to build a team and now have some of the most amazing PMs working under me.

2. What’s your new position & what are you most excited about?

My new role is Vice President of Operations. I’m excited to focus more on the projects bringing TRAX into the next growth phase. I can refine internal processes, strengthen vendor relations, and still lead some of our high-profile projects. My role will be to streamline and support!

3. How are you going to incorporate your personality into your new role? 

I’ve always been one to try a “little bit of everything” versus an expert at one thing. I even won a team award at my old company for being the “Jill of All Trades.” I believe that my ability to communicate well with and learn quickly from people from different departments, industries, and even personalities allows me to translate the needs of each part of the business to be more efficient for everyone.

4. Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

My fun fact is always that I’m the shortest member of my immediate family. Even at 5’10”, I’m never in the back of the family photo. But my other fun fact is that I only have nine more states to visit in the USA. I hope to see them all before I close out my next decade of life… which gives me plenty of time!