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Chelsea Diaz Promoted to Project Manager

Congratulations to Chelsea Diaz on her well-deserved promotion to Project Manager. Today we’re celebrating her!

Chelsea Diaz
Chelsea Diaz Promoted to Project Manager

1. Who are you (re-introduce yourself, how many years have you been at TRAX)?

My name is Chelsea Diaz. I started as a Jr. PM here at TRAX. I’ve been with TRAX for a little under two years. It’s been exciting getting the chance to work on projects across many different airports and seeing how Smart Restrooms truly improve the cleanliness of a restroom and the overall guest experience.

2.  What’s your new position & what are you most excited about?

My new position is Project Manager. I am excited to lead larger Smart Restroom projects and supervise installs across the US.

3. How are you going to incorporate your personality into the job?

I am detail-oriented, an essential trait of being a Project Manager. I like to ensure all items and information are in order and correct, which is critical for managing timelines and project scope hardware.

4. Fun fact about you 🙂

My favorite sports to watch are soccer, hockey, and cricket. I have also completed 28 half marathons!