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2023 Green Sports Alliance Summit

2023 Green Sports Alliance Summit

TRAX Analytics had the opportunity to attend its first Green Sports Alliance Summit, and boy, was it an atmosphere of action and innovation. Over the four days, we networked, shared ideas, and, most importantly, learned what sustainability meant in sports. The opportunity comes down to the leadership of venues and facilities to influence change that will drive environmental responsibility in communities. “Sports have the power to unite us like nothing else.” So let’s use that fuel to create urgency for intention, action, and impact more than ever. 

For those unfamiliar with Green Sports Alliance, I encourage you to add them on social media. Discover just a couple of their video testimonials, and you may ask yourself, “How do I get involved?” That answers easy, begin leveraging and networking with members of their teams and partnerships. Begin by looking inwards at your operation and ask your teams what we are doing to drive environmental responsibility and sustainability at our facility. If the response is limited, don’t be shocked but ignited by the opportunity now in your hands. TRAX Analytics firmly believes that changes and innovation sit at the hands of those who embrace innovation as a means of development and sustainable growth. 


This summit spoke through its participants, who all had impactful action testimonies about what their organizations do to ensure their venue’s footprint, reflecting one of the team’s legacies to its fans, community, and the game’s future. Sports were the root of every solution, an innovation leveraged by departments to use corporate partnerships to align goals that support environmental sustainability for organizations and corporations. This opportunity was one of many spoken upon by numerous members of the Green Sports Alliance.  


The message of action that drives impact now resonated throughout the four days. Sitting under the roof of Climate Pledge Area inspired by innovation that drives action. By 2040 they will be the world’s first Net Zero Carbon arena. If those stories of accomplishments didn’t fire you up, don’t get me started on the food programs in place only to stack an impressive venue operation. More importantly, identifying the roots that lead to all these marvels and successes. I was to commit to positive, sustainable environmental change NOW. Our actions have an impact on the landscape of sports.


The possibility of innovation and deliverance of action lives within the seats of the members of the Green Sports Alliance. TRAX Analytics continues to be inspired by our mission to connect, innovate, and digitize the facilities we live, work, and play in for our clients. 


We are excited for Green Sports Alliance and excited to see what our colleagues, partners, and clients continue to do to ensure a positive, sustainable footprint.