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Please welcome our newest Software Developer Edward Pimentel to the team!

Edward W. Pimentel
Edward W. Pimentel
Edward Pimentel

1. Who are you?

Hi, I’m  Edward W. Pimentel. 

2. Where are you from?

I am from a country in the Caribbean called Dominican Republic

3. What is your background before TRAX? What is your role at TRAX?

I previously worked at a Dominican company for a year, where I was part of a new team tasked with the development of apps for the automation and telemetry of factory processes, as a junior full stack developer. At TRAX, I am part of the development team, tasked with aiding in the development, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the TRAX platform and any software solutions of the company.

4. Fun fact about you

 I enjoy listening to detailed music (but I can never say no to some good bass), cooking, and video games

5. Any advice for others looking to enter this field?

 Always be eager to learn and adapt. As a software engineer, your main goal must be problem solving at its core. If you remember to be efficient, and to think carefully about the future when solving those problems, you will eventually find the right opportunities to grow.