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Denver International Airport
Client: Flagship Facility Services at Denver International Airport
Location: Denver, CO
Product: TRAX Clean+Inspect, TRAX SmartRestroom
Contract Length: 5 years
Project Start Date: January 2021

Denver International Airport (DEN)

Denver International Airport (DEN), located in Denver, CO, is one of the top five (5) busiest airports in North America. With unique architecture mimicking the beautiful Rocky Mountains, the airport takes great pride in the aesthetics and overall passenger experience which is why they selected Flagship Facility Services and TRAX Analytics to enhance their overall airport hygiene.

TRAX installed their TRAX Clean+Inspect and TRAX SmartRestroom solution in 105 restrooms across the airport facility to provide Flagship with real time data on when the restrooms needed to be cleaned and data on which individuals conducted the cleaning or quality control work. TRAX installed 105 throughput counters at each restroom location to monitor the restroom usage, along with 216 Bluetooth Beacons to provide real time data on when custodians arrived and when they left.

Flagship equipped over 100 janitorial team members with an Apple iPad, which is mounted to their janitorial carts, and in return allows them to visualize their cleaning assignments and input the tasks they accomplished. Data is then captured with the Bluetooth beacons to provide a proof of service for the management staff. Flagship developed additional operational tasks to support the charging of each iPad daily so that their janitorial teams never had to start their shifts without one.

Supervisors utilize the TRAX Inspect solution on both tablets and phones, which provides them the flexibility of conducting quality control inspections at any point throughout the day. They actively take pictures and videos of the locations they are inspecting to provide enhanced reporting for DEN and Flagship Executives.

To support the success of the implementation, the TRAX Client Success team spent several days on site training on the system with the front-line janitorial teams and their supervisors. It was important to both parties that the individuals utilizing the system were comfortable and confident with it.

Lastly, the TRAX Platform provides both business intelligence and reporting capabilities for Flagship so that they can analyze their overall operation and staffing needs airport wide. Reports are frequently generated and exported from TRAX to support quarterly reviews and ongoing meetings with Denver International Airport.