Combat Hospital-Associated Infections (HAIs) and Enhance Patient Safety with TRAX

TRAX Analytics - Your Ultimate Janitorial Management Solution

Reducing Infection Rates in Hospitals, Medical/Dental Offices, Clinics, Nursing Homes

Monitor. Analyze. Improve.

Are you tired of managing cleaning inspections the old-fashioned way? Are paper forms and manual data entry slowing down your operations? Say goodbye to those challenges and say hello to TRAX Analytics – the best inspection platform for transforming your facility’s cleaning, disinfection, and safety processes.

Experience the power of smart restroom technology tailored specifically for healthcare facilities. Our cutting-edge solutions revolutionize the way restrooms are managed, providing real-time data, automation, and a superior restroom experience for patients, staff, and visitors. Invest in the TRAX SmartRestroom Monitoring System and revolutionize the way you manage your healthcare facility’s restrooms. Provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for patients, visitors, and staff while streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency

Intelligent Restroom Solutions for Healthcare Facilities





Concerned about Hospital- Associated Infections (HAIs)? Safeguard your patients with our infection prevention solutions.


Real-time dispatching, mobile task lists, and supply checklists optimize cleaning management. Inspect enables quality control inspections and dynamic analytics for enhanced facility cleanliness and efficiency.


Reduce cleaner turnover with our smart restroom solutions. An easy-to-use cleaner app, multilingual support, and clear instructions empower staff, fostering higher job satisfaction and an efficient cleaning team.

Enhanced Patient and Staff Experience

Our healthcare restroom solutions prioritize well-being, satisfaction, and hygiene with touchless fixtures, automated systems, occupancy tracking, and ambient features.


Stay informed and organized with real-time notifications. Seamlessly sync inspections, work orders, and tickets. Automatic email alerts enable smooth communication with clients and stakeholders, ensuring prompt resolution of flagged inspections.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Join the growing number of healthcare facilities that have chosen TRAX Analytics to revolutionize their cleaning and maintenance practices. By consistently delivering a thorough and effective cleaning regimen, your team can significantly reduce the presence of surface germs, leading to a decrease in infections among employees, patients, and their families within the hospital. 

As the rate of Hospital-Associated Infections (HAIs) declines, administrators will witness a corresponding decrease in patient treatment costs. This direct correlation demonstrates the immense value of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, not only for the well-being of individuals but also for the financial sustainability of the healthcare facility. Our user-friendly platform, featuring mobile app inspections with real-time reporting, customizable forms, and built-in accountability tools, will empower your team to deliver unparalleled service.


TRAX Analytics revolutionizes facility management by leveraging cutting-edge technology, sensor integrations, and data analysis to transform the way businesses maintain cleanliness and optimize labor resources. Acting as a dedicated long-term partner, we offer tailored solutions that maximize the use of existing infrastructure and provide continuous product enhancements, insightful data analysis, and reliable technical support throughout the journey.

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