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JCM Business Solutions, LLC

JCM Business Solutions is a WBE and SBE certified facility management and janitorial services organization based out of New York. JCM provides its services to the commercial, education, hospitality, public, sports, and transportation markets.

As JCM continued to expand its operations and grow their organization, a need to streamline and standardize technology solutions became imperative. It was a corporate initiative to create a streamlined process for benchmarking their janitorial operations with technology while ensuring that the solution was consistent across all client bases.  JCM Business Solutions selected TRAX as its technology partner to support its initiative company wide and began to roll out the TRAX Clean+Inspect system in 2021.

JCM takes great pride in delivering excellent service supported by real data to its customers; therefore, TRAX worked side by side with the JCM management team to implement the solution and ensure they received daily reports to support their success.

Together JCM and TRAX successfully rolled out the Clean+Inspect solution to Manchester Boston Regional Airport, JFK Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport. Custom reports were created to highlight inspection data and quality control metrics so that JCM can oversee their operations across multiple locations with ease.

TRAX continues to expand its solution with JCM and continuously meets with their organization to ensure the satisfaction of the system and that the data metrics are meeting their organization’s needs.

“We are so pleased with the technology and support of TRAX Analytics. Our team is able to quickly conduct QC inspections in the field through the TRAX Clean+Inspect mobile app so that we can continuously ensure we are providing the best service to our clients. Being able to view inspection data across different vertical markets and different regions through single dashboards and reports has been a great additional to our operations as we continue to scale.”