Stay on track with TRAX Smart Restroom.

TRAX SmartRestrooms leverages technology to turn your restrooms into data-collecting environments. Real-time data from throughput counters, smart dispensers, guest feedback, and more are sent to live dashboards and mobile applications so that a once static operation can be a demand, data-based one. With an enterprise platform-agnostic to vendors and sensors, our clients can have the peace of mind that they are getting state-of-the-art technology to meet their own unique needs.

Mobile App

Keep your facility's complete status in the palm of your hand

Track Inventory

Monitor usage of consumables and other supplies


Assign times for cleanings, inspections, and more

Friendly TRAX staff members

We're ready to help you get your facility safe and sparkling!

TRAX SmartRestrooms incorporates “proof-of-service” technology that gives building owners and managers the peace of mind that the necessary work has been accomplished and that pertinent tasks were completed in a timely manner.

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