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How No-Touch Technology is Boosting Restroom Hygiene

The Future of Touchless Tech in Convention Centers

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The Future of Touchless Tech in Convention Centers

How No-Touch Technology is Boosting Restroom Hygiene

As the world learned about the deadly Covid-19 virus, we also began to learn more about how these diseases are spread and how they cause infection. Infectious diseases like the coronavirus and the common flu are commonly transferred person to person through direct contact with other people, through the air, and when we contact surfaces that carry lingering bacteria.

As we all begin to venture forth back into the world, the need for more advanced hygienic practices are not only essential but also potentially life-saving.

Due to the extra attention given to safety precautions and the advancements in facilities automation, incorporating no-touch technologies into public lavatories is the future of cleanliness and hygiene.

Touchless Hand Dryers and Latest Technology Innovations

The likelihood of germs being transferred is 1000 times higher when your hands are wet. In the times of Covid-19, many people are refraining from touching a hand dryer due to the fear of coming in contact with the Covid-19 virus. Moreover, the alternative for hand dryers is paper towels, which create a mess of their own when they get wet. They might get clogged up in drains, spill out from trash cans and serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

If we consider all the points above, a hand dryer becomes crucial for hygiene and safety. Below are some recent tech innovations that make a compelling case for installing them in your facilities:

  • Adjustable sound and speed control: Now, you can alter the speed and sound coming from the hand dryer. It is ideal for small restrooms where excessive sound can spoil the experience of other users.
  • Adjustable heat settings: The heat settings can be modified depending on your preference.
  • Low-power consumption: Cutting-edge hand dryer technology allows for a considerable reduction in power consumed. As a result, a hand dryer becomes a more lucrative option than a hand towel.

Importance of Touchless Dispensers and Latest Technology Innovations

Nearly 50% of foodborne diseases are caused because people fail to wash their hands or wash them incorrectly. Keeping hands clean by using hand sanitizers and soap is considered the best way to prevent the transfer of viruses through touch. 

However, if you have to push the button of the dispenser, you might be transferring the virus onto your hands, which completely defeats the purpose of washing your hands in the first place. Investing in a touchless dispenser that incorporates all the latest technological innovations such as uniform quantity and infrared sensors will decrease the spread of deadly bacteria.

  • Dispensing in a uniform quantity: Hi-tech dispensers always release a constant amount of soap/water/sanitizer whenever you use them. As a result, there is less waste resulting in cost savings. This also provides the user with the right amount of liquid to wash or sanitize their hands, improving overall hygiene.
  • Preventing spillage with infrared sensors: The release and stop of the fluids are controlled with touchless sensors. The best dispensers use the latest IR technology to ensure that the release and stop mechanisms are timed correctly. Therefore, spillage in the surrounding area is minimized/eliminated, and restroom hygiene and safety are minimized.

Touchless technology is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. From car controls to essential house appliances, we can see this technology shaping the human experience differently. The power to create a safe and hygienic restroom utilizing the latest tech in facilities maintenance and custodial services creates an elevated user experience and cost savings for the company. Learn more about TRAX Smart Restroom technology and how it can enhance your facilities management.


Smart Trends in Restroom Technology

Smart Trends in Restroom Technology
Smart Trends in Restroom Technology

Smart Trends in Restroom Technology

When COVID hit in early 2020, the technological revolution the world was already experiencing underwent a massive growth boom. As the world went behind face masks and loaded up on hand sanitizer, technology created for cleanliness and hygiene became one of the fastest developing industries. While we would all like to think every person washes their hands after using the restroom, that is arguably not the case. Thus, the need for more advanced measurement, compliance, and result driven data analysis grew within the custodial industry. 

Whether in an airport restroom or using the facilities at a local gas station, patrons want to be sure they enter a safe and clean environment. With the advancement in new technologies being used in commercial restrooms, companies can manage custodial activity, measure performance, and monitor compliance to maintain sustainable cleanliness levels and produce positive user experiences. 

Managing Custodial Activity

There are several aspects of creating a smart restroom, and software like TRAX Smart Restroom technology can be implemented to provide the best service and the cleanest facilities. This software can connect everything from touchless sensor data to user experience indicators and even sensors to manage safety concerns. 

Touchless Sensors

Many restaurants, sports arenas, airports, and other commercial restrooms have invested in upgrading their facilities with touchless sensors for faucets, soap dispensers, and toilets. These upgrades allow for control over inventory management, resource conservation, and enhanced sanitary monitoring. 

Before the arrival of the COVID-19 virus, most of us gave very little thought to turning on a faucet or opening a door, but now the potential for harmful pathogens has created a demand for a more hands-free approach in public areas. In addition to creating a touch-free environment, innovative bathroom technology can also monitor inventory levels and alert custodial staff when supplies need replenishing. Having connected dispensers gives facility management teams the resources to monitor usage trends and equip cleaners with the proper tools required to perform their task efficiently. 

Cleaners can also understand their inventory needs by having information available at their fingertips in restroom performance. Knowing when soap, toilet paper, and paper towels are running low allows for more control over reducing waste management and ensuring a steady replenishment schedule. With the technology and sensors to monitor supplies, custodial services can anticipate the needs of their facility.

User Experience Indicators

Ensuring that users have a positive experience in a commercial facility usually follows the line of “no news is good news.” When using the restroom, patrons won’t notice when the bathrooms are clean, free of trash and offensive odors, or fully stocked in supplies, but they will notice if a restroom is dirty, smelly, or out of toilet paper. 

While these tangible aspects are one of the main concerns in user experience, other qualities are just as important, even if they are unknown to the user. Monitoring traffic and vacancy timelines is a critical concern when scheduling restroom maintenance. Custodial management knows that planning regular cleaning and supply restocking around the busiest times will ensure that users will encounter fewer wait times and have more pleasant visits to the facilities.

TRAX Smart Restroom

State of the art facilities technologies can manage custodial activity, measure performance, and monitor compliance to deliver effective, efficient, and sustainable results across your facility. TRAX Smart Restroom technology can assist with tasks performed, inventory control, analytical reports, and real-time alerts for areas in need of service and inspection results. 

It’s time your company leveraged technology to turn each restroom into intelligent, data-collecting environments to improve operations efficiency, cleanliness, and overall guest experience.

Get insight into the status of restrooms and create demand-based cleanings with predictive, real-time, and historical data analysis. Click here to learn more about how to improve your restroom facility. 

Airports Picks Smart Technologies to Enhance Restrooms Experience

Airports Picks Smart Technologies to Enhance Restrooms Experience
Airports Picks Smart Technologies to Enhance Restrooms Experience

Airports Picks Smart Technologies to Enhance Restrooms Experience

Airports adopting ‘smart’ technologies, such as sensors and automatic locks, are finding they can cut costs in managing restroom facilities. A growing number of airports are deploying similar automatic technologies to improve the cleanliness of the restrooms while ensuring higher customer satisfaction and lower operating costs.

One of the most notable upgrades is that of TRAX Analytics system. Airports adopting smart restroom system find it easier to keep a foot count of the visitors, get customer feedback, and even alert the supervisors whenever required.

Following the suit of Houston Airport System, many other airports in the United States like Atlanta, New York, Dallas, San Jose and Tampa have approved and employed analytics system to turnaround the standards of maintenance.

What makes a Restroom a ‘Smart’ Restroom?

Smart airports are the ones that coexist with technologies like GISP and IoT in order to digitally support and perform operations like passenger flows, staff duties, staff activities, etc. One of the most important component of a ‘smart’ airport is a ‘smart’ restroom.

It is known that over 80% of the passengers judge the maintenance of an airport by the looks and feel of its restroom.

The components that generally make a restroom ‘smart’ are:

  • Optimizing refills – So that there’s no shortage of towels or soap at any time.
  • Maintenance notifications – Airport employees or restroom custodians now don’t need to check if anything is needed or falling short in the restroom. All they need to do is attend to the call of notification on their smart devices or wearables.
  • Monitoring presence – To avoid queues in general, or even know when a cubicle is free or taken, smart devices can help determine the right time to go to the restroom.
  • Reporting non-permitted activities – By detecting non-permitted activities in certain area, smart restroom can alert whenever there is smoke in the area.
  • Smart Restrooms can also notify whenever the bins are full so that can be taken care of.
  • Predictive analytics can be provided by smart restrooms based on real time information being monitored.

Shocking Statistics

According to a report by Airport Councils International, 2017, the cleanliness of restrooms counts as the most important satisfaction metric relating to an airport’s infrastructure. The other factors include airport’s ambience, cleanliness of its terminals, and availability of restrooms.

Benefits of Smart Restrooms

  • A growing number of airports have found ways to cut their custodial costs by improving environmental safety in restrooms; increasing operational efficiency and capacity utilization – leading to an overall reduction in resource consumption.
  • Airports will be able to monitor visitor traffic throughout facilities using motion detectors; cameras that record when fixtures are used; and heat sensors or footfall statistics for outdoor areas.
  • A central data collection system also provides information on water use for each fixture including its location, user count, and more.
  • It reduces time spent by custodians on cleaning tasks including sweeping and mopping by using a demand based approach; it also monitors waste levels to optimize garbage disposal, and reduce water consumption.
  • Airports deploying restroom solutions help improve hygiene are reducing costs in managing restroom facilities as well as other non-core assets across the airport.

Major Janitorial Services in the US Select TRAX Analytics & BLE Indoor Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiencies

Major Janitorial Services in the US Select TRAX Analytics & BLE Indoor Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiencies
Major Janitorial Services in the US Select TRAX Analytics & BLE Indoor Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiencies

Major Janitorial Services in the US Select TRAX Analytics & BLE Indoor Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiencies

TRAX Analytics is an industry leader in transforming how businesses manage their custodial operations and facility cleanliness. TRAX and, the global leader in Bluetooth™ powered IoT services, have partnered to provide digital transformation solutions for the janitorial services industry.

“In a world where the demand for cleanliness is increasing, the TRAX – KONTAKT.IO combined solution is at the forefront of helping janitorial services firms and building operators to create record-keeping of cleanliness, plan for effective routes, and measure performance to improve service.” said Mr. Patrick Trevino VP of Sales & Marketing at TRAX.

Using easy to install, wire-free BLE infrastructure like the Anchor Beacon or BLE enabled Wi-Fi access points where available, it is now possible to enable smart-phones to localize inside buildings. Innovative employee Badge products with built-in Bluetooth capabilities add further flexibility in understanding workflow and service delivery across indoor spaces.

With live IoT data from the Building IoT APIs feeding into the TRAX cloud, it is now possible to achieve digital transformation in cleaning services within days.

“Using IoT to quantify buildings, delivering outcomes through event stream APIs is the cornerstone of any smart-building initiative” said Rom Eizenberg, CRO at, “however the value to building operators and users alike is embedded in brilliant applications. This is why we were thrilled to partner with TRAX. Their innovative cloud application focuses on more efficient and digitally validated building cleanliness – and that could not have come to market in a better time, now when companies look to re-open the corporate building” added Mr. Eizenberg.

TRAX’s cloud applications, delivered as a service, provide janitorial services with the critical tools to digitally stamp workflows, ensuring appropriate staffing for the job, frequency of cleaning visits, utilization based resource allocation and more. Working together with, TRAX has been able to incorporate’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and cloud services into its system, resulting in indoor location visibility out-of-the-box.

Earlier this year, Flagship, Inc was one of the first customers to deploy these innovative digital services. In this case study we show how Flagship, Inc had significant cost savings and service quality improvement in delivering janitorial services in corporate buildings.

About TRAX Analytics

TRAX Analytics ensures quality cleaning service and guest satisfaction by turning the day-to-day management of a facility into a demand-driven process. With the use of smart technologies, mobile applications, and data analysis, we provide teams the tools to improve communication across an organization to identify and monitor trends for a more proactive approach to cleaning and quality assurance. By equipping our clients with state-of-the-art technology and a business intelligence platform, TRAX gives organizations the power to efficiently measure staff and facility performance.

About Inc. is the industry leader in indoor location services and BLE beacons. Their mission is to better connect people, locations and things to improve employees and customers’ experience, save costs, decrease carbon footprint, and increase productivity through innovation. empowers vertical business applications, with open standard APIs and AI-driven event streams to help enterprises accelerate through digital transformation. To their location-aware technology partners, they offer fleet management software, location and condition services, beacons, and gateways to help them focus on core innovation, reducing time to market and costs.

Today, serves over 2,000 customers across diverse sizes and industries, from transportation and logistics to manufacturing, healthcare, airports, governments, and public spaces. They strive to delight people and make a real difference in the world wherever possible by providing an enterprise-tailored software solution scaled to the internet.

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Brian Lerkins

TRAX Employee Spotlight Brian Lerkins

This week’s spotlight goes out to Brian Lerkins our Director of Business Development, we are so excited to have you on board. Get to know Brian below! 

TRAX Employee Spotlight Brian Lerkins

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Brian Lerkins

What an honor to be part of the TRAX Analytics family!  The opportunity to assist our clients by delivering innovative, customer-focused restroom solutions presents both a great challenge and an amazing opportunity.  



As I think about it, every juncture along my career path has prepared me for this role, from my first real job as a teenager cleaning our church in Oklahoma which was “no-tech”, to my twenty-plus-year career in commercial plumbing sales and management to now offering “high-tech” restroom and building technologies nationwide.  Combining my experience and expertise in commercial building construction with the world-class TRAX Analytics’ portfolio of software solutions is a perfect fit for moving forward in my career.

Thus far, the best part of my career has been the relationships and friendships built along the way.  The rewards of working hard and the thrill of winning have been great. Just as importantly, I have also learned from disappointment and “failure”.” Still, something transformative happens when a customer (later a friend) knows that his or her business is understood, problems are identified and solved, and then the desired outcome is achieved. At that point, we all celebrate the success! Then the cycle starts again. That culture of partnership and winning fits the TRAX team to a tee is still another reason I’m thrilled to be here.

You can usually find me hanging out with Debi, my best friend, and wife, outside of work.  I am typically reading two or three books at a time (affliction of too many interests and love of learning)! Or you may find me planning the next dining, cooking experience, or great outdoor adventure in Arizona, either hiking, camping, or kayaking with Daisy, our Labrador retriever. It’s pretty much what you do living in Scottsdale.  In the fall (my favorite time of the year), it’s game on cheering the Oklahoma Sooners and Arizona Cardinals in football.   

But it’s travel that checks all the boxes. Be it the quest for the perfect anchorage aboard a chartered sailboat in the Caribbean or discovering the most amazing scuba dive site with corals and marine life to learning something new in a culture outside of the US.  For me, travel and the time invested keeps me grounded, puts things in perspective, and helps me appreciate all the good things of life.

Finally, when asked what advice I would give to someone who desires a career in sales and management? A few things come to mind:  1) keep your promises and do what you say you are going to do; 2) treat others the way you want to be treated; 3) learn to listen more than you talk, 4) work hard at being the best and becoming the expert, and 5) stay humble, stay hungry.

Again, I am proud to be part of the TRAX family and contribute to the company’s continued success.  The best is yet to come!  Onward and Upward!

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Eric Kim

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Eric Kim

This week’s employee spotlight goes out to one of our engineers Eric. Thank you for all your hard work, it never goes unnoticed!  

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Eric Kim
Eric Kim, Software Engineer

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Eric Kim

After college, I got recruited to a Fortune 500 company that specialized in Insurance. As this company was not limited to just national coverage, their work internationally was just as prevalent. My team worked on international software for European countries (Ireland, England, and Sweden). My hiring was due to their international team expanding and wanting to recruit new entry-level engineers. I was one of five recruits for the international team

For half a year on the team, I worked on maintaining, enhancing, and testing the system with the rest of the team. The effort was not routed to just frontend or backend development, but my effort was distributed to all corners of the system (frontend to backend). After the half-year mark, management needed an engineer to take over the development of a system that the senior engineer was working on. Out of the five new hires, I was chosen to lead in the development, enhancement, maintenance, and overall system growth of the system. In parallel, work on a new international system was starting, and I was placed on a team to help with the design and architecture of the backend for the new system. This meant researching which frameworks to implement, drawing and designing how internal web services will talk with the new system, implementing the latest and greatest security protocols, and helping the Software Architect get the new system from design to production. 

For the first few weeks, my tasks were quite usual for a software engineer. My first few tasks were to update our existing API software to consume new data endpoints coming from new IoT devices. Afterward, all new tasks comprised responsibilities that further increased my experience and value as a Software Engineer. From server maintenance to refactoring legacy code to improve performance for our clients, at TRAX, the endless mirage of tasks keeps testing my knowledge and task execution as a software engineer, which always keeps me at my best; never is a dull day here at TRAX.

At TRAX, we use much remote communication as we have partners located outside Georgia and even the United States. I find it amazing that our development team can push out enhancements around the clock for our clients, which pushes our competitive advantage as a company. The premise of having a client know that we at TRAX are capable of resolving any software issue outside of regular business hours should be reassuring to our clients.

If I were to point out just one benefit, out of the many benefits, of working for TRAX, it out by having the freedom to research and develop new enhancements that will help our application be more competitive than our competitors. The latest enhancement that is planned to be rolled out is an Artificial Intelligence system designed to be integrated with our Smart Restroom solution. The Artificial Intelligence system will help custodians and management to allocate their resources better. At a high level, the Artificial Intelligence system forecasts(predicts) future restroom trends about the daily, weekly, and seasonal trends.

For any up-and-coming engineers, I would give them this one piece of advice. Accept all the challenges that come your way. Even if you fail, learn from them, and take the lessons learned for all of your future tasks. Succeeding in these challenges will help you grow in your career and professional experience, crucial for growth. Other than that, make sure to have good posture when working. As most developers use laptops, looking down on laptops can make you hunch over and promote lousy posture. Keep posture in the back of your head; not correcting posture will cause pain down the road. Better to fix them now than when you get old.

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Nick Shumate

Nick Shumate

Today we celebrate Nick Shumate from Client Success and what experiences molded him into who he is today!

Nick Shumate
Jennifer Brown, Project Manager for Large Infrastructure

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Nick Shumate

My name is Nick Shumate, and I am the Lead Client Success Manager with TRAX Analytics. I graduated in 2018 from the University of Georgia with a degree in Communications Studies and a Certificate in New Media. Being born and raised in Georgia, taking my place in the UGA dynasty has truly molded me into what I am today. The pillars that shaped me from my experience are built upon determination, competitiveness, and giving back to the community. 

For most of my life, the sport of lacrosse has also made a considerable contribution in constructing these three supporting pillars. This game taught me the importance of teamwork, friendship, trust, and the work ethic to achieve excellence. Not only do I strive for excellence in the workplace, but in the game of life as well.

From my experience, to play the game of life correctly, one may better themselves by making an impact in the lives of others. This notion influenced my passion to coach and mentor individuals and teams to positively impact their future. In school, I was able to mentor an unbelievably kind individual with Down Syndrome who dreamed of going to the University of Georgia. With his determination, I was able to be a part of his growth, and he is now a proud UGA alumni. In my mind, I knew it could not stop there, which is why coaching lacrosse made its way back into my life. 

With the opportunity given to me by an old teammate, I have had the pleasure of being the offensive coordinator for a Varsity lacrosse team in my hometown. It is amazing how one can always find their way back home to bring a positive influence to the community. As a direct result of this path of passion I have been walking on, I knew this would directly impact how I approach my career.

Working in Client Success has been a great career path choice based on experiences that have molded me. I knew I wanted to be able to create long-lasting relationships and provide solutions to help clients achieve their desired goals. 

Sharing trust with a client where they know you will deliver when called upon is probably the most rewarding part of my role in Client Success. Establishing this is what leads to continued renewals and partnerships, which is key to any Saas company’s success! If you are looking for a high-paced work environment where you can be a mentor by establishing trusting relationships, Client Success is THE department to consider! We work to positively impact our clients so they can achieve operational excellence through the TRAX platform.


TRAX Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Diaz

Chelsea Diaz

Congratulations are in order, today we are highlighting our new Project Manager, Chelsea Diaz to the TRAX family! 

Chelsea Diaz
Chelsea Diaz, Project Manager

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Diaz

A few years ago, I was walking out of an Atlanta Airport restroom, and I saw a survey tablet mounted on the wall providing feedback on the restroom’s cleanliness. I remember thinking that this was such a great idea and how cool it would be to work for a company that develops these types of applications. Little did I know that in 2021, I would get the opportunity to work for that exact company – Trax Analytics.

Before joining the TRAX analytics world, I worked for my family’s print media business, Xpress Printing Services. I was the project manager, which included managing print-related projects for Pharmaceutical, Real estate, Entertainment, and Airline industry clients. I enjoyed working for a small business, taking what my father had created, and improving business processes to ensure continued success. I found my strength in project management and enjoyed organizing projects and working with vendors and clients. While working at Xpress, I decided to pursue my MBA from Georgia State University with a concentration in Operations Management. I successfully graduated in December 2020.

Going back to school and getting my MBA was not only helpful for my career but also a personal achievement. One of the takeaways from the program was venturing outside my comfort zone. Besides attending career fairs and joining clubs, I was among 12 students out of 200 to be selected for an immersion program called Panthers in the Valley.  This program gave us the opportunity to learn and network with companies in Silicon Valley, including Netflix, Microsoft, Google, and Niantic Labs (creators of Pokémon Go). From this experience, I learned that it is possible to set my goals high.

After my MBA, I wanted to venture into the tech world and work for a company specializing in platform-based services. Only a month into my new role at TRAX, I know I have made the right decision because I am enjoying the team atmosphere and can see the great potential the Trax products offer.

When I’m not working on Clean + Inspect projects, I love to run half marathons in different places around the world and spend time with my dog, Buñuelo.

SmartRestroom Provider for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Technology Consulting Firm for Janitorial Operation

SmartRestroom Provider for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

We were thrilled to be selected as the SmartRestroom provider for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Utilizing technology to support and enhance janitorial operations ensures a cleaner environment.


Still, it also gives the passengers confidence that the airport is taking their health and safety seriously when there is a heightened sensitivity to traveling. Displaying pertinent cleaning data on digital signs and allowing janitorial staff to see at a moment’s notice when an area needs to be serviced with our TRAX mobile app are all ways that DFW is providing a new and elevated level of comfort to their traveling public. 

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown, Vice President of Operations
Jennifer Brown, Vice President of Operations
Jennifer Brown, Project Manager for Large Infrastructure

TRAX Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Brown

This Women’s History Month we are highlighting all of the amazing women who have contributed to the success of our company and what keeps them fulfilled! 

If you would have asked me five years ago to answer the infamous, “where do you see yourself in five years?” it would not have been followed by, “crawling around in public restrooms.” So, how did I get here? As an undergraduate at the University of Florida, I was a Marketing major and a heavily involved Greek student.

If you would have asked me five years ago to answer the infamous, “where do you see yourself in five years?” it would not have been followed by, “crawling around in public restrooms.” So, how did I get here? As an undergraduate at the University of Florida, I was a Marketing major and a heavily involved Greek student.

I elected to obtain my Master of International Business starting as a junior and graduated in 2011 with both my BA in Marketing and my MAIB. From there I entered a college-hire program for B2B telecom sales, living in both Atlanta, Charlotte, and then Atlanta again. Once back in Atlanta for the second time, I left the sales grind to follow my true passion of Project Management. I obtained my PMP and bounced from project to project in the Consumer Marketing space.

Five years ago, as I continued my work as a project manager- now in the mobile application space- I was working regular 9-5 hours and would watch anything HGTV I could manage during my free time. I took what I learned about construction and design to flip a few houses (some planned, some not) in the metro Atlanta area. In early 2018 I was furloughed from my job and took the opportunity to completely renovate a house- gutting it to the studs. With my PM skills and some creativity, I managed to design an entirely new home layout (where we currently live). I worked with the contractors, pulled the permits, scheduled the inspections- I was basically the general contractor. The whole project took 8 months, and when it was time to get back into the workforce my newfound knowledge of construction mixed with my PMP landed me a role at Infax!

Smart restrooms was a completely new genre when I became a Project Manager at Infax. We were able to gain traction of the product as a commodity to major airports across the US through relationships that the company had built over its 49 years. However, as the knowledge of Smart restrooms grew, so did the interest. Eventually, we became TRAX, as you know us now, and we have expanded well beyond just airports – stadiums, corporate HQ’s, school buildings, you name it! We are also no longer just a commodity- we are a necessity in the ‘new world’ of social distancing and hyper cleanliness. As the Lead Project Manager of TRAX, I get to use my PMP, construction, and mobile application deployment skills – which basically makes it a trifecta of the things I’ve learned in my recent lifetime. If I must take those skills with me into a few dirty stalls now and then, well that’s fine by me!