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Say hello to TRAX Smart Restroom.

TRAX Smart Restroom gives insight into the status of restrooms and overall custodial operations by providing predictive, real-time, and historical data analysis.

With the use of smart dispensers and sensors, mobile application, and more, handling a complex facility is transformed into a data-driven process.


Actionable data to streamline your organization


Real-time indication of locations needing attention

Mobile App

Stay up-to-date anywhere

TRAX Analytics offers throughput counting, passive staff monitoring, feedback tablets, occupancy data, dispenser data, and a mobile application. All of these capabilities combined give you a 360┬░ view of your restroom to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and deliver higher customer satisfaction.

    Features include:

  • Restroom usage, trends, peak hours, and alerts
  • Attendant check in's, location status, and cleaning durations captured passively
  • Guest feedback survey data and KPI metrics
  • Mobile app for real-time alerts, task management, work order management, and inventory management
  • Real-time alerts for product depletion and restocking needs
  • Stall occupancy lighting and latches

Consolidate Your Data

Utilize TRAX data to analyze performance, maintenance, and restroom status while actively managing inventory and the routes of your custodians. A combination of over 15 data points gives your business the groundwork to understand custodial and facility operations in-depth and in one place.

Better Understand Facility Operations

Track trends in your restroom activity to understand capacity and demand; transition your operations over to a demand-based schedule; and manage your resources with real-time data and patron feedback.

TRAX Mobile App

Automatic routing based on alerts in combination with predictive and real-time analytics keep your staff and supervisors in the know and on task. Integration into workorder systems, visualization on a facility map, along with location-based services improve your everyday operations and overall guest experience.

TRAX Smart Restroom gives custodial staff the ability to respond to a cleaning request immediately, taking scheduled cleanings and turning them into demand-based cleanings.

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