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Atlanta Airport Case Study

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s Department of Aviation started this Smart Restroom effort in partnership with Infax and TRAX Analytics almost three years ago. We have seen such drastic improvement in customer experience, customer satisfaction, and the cleanliness of our facility that we are excited to expand the solution airport wide. We believe the use of this technology will continue to bring passengers the confidence that ATL airport and its partners at Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company (AATC) are taking the right measures to ensure the cleanliness of our facility.”

Steve Mayers, Director of Customer Experience

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

APRIL 13, 2021


Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Atlanta Airlines Terminal company selected TRAX Analytics, LLC. to improve and automate their custodial operation by installing Smart Restroom technology in 36 restrooms, with additional restrooms to be installed the following year.

Atlanta Airport utilizes the TRAX mobile application with their facility management company, ABM, to monitor real time cleaning work orders, assign work orders, monitor locations, task management, and real time feedback airport wide. The TRAX platform provides an airport wide facility map to visualize the location of their staff members in real time, while allowing them to receive alerts to conduct quality control assessments when needed.

Lastly, TRAX restroom digital signage is placed outside each restroom to show passengers if the restroom is actively being cleaned, where the next nearest restroom is, if its open/closed, and associated health messaging to support COVID-19 awareness.


    • TRAX Platform
    • TRAX Smart Restroom Mobile App (iOS)
    • Throughput Monitoring
    • Guest Feedback
    • Predictive Flight Information
    • Restroom Digital Signage
    • Indoor Mapping
    • Staff location monitoring

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