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Syracuse Hancock International Airport

Syracuse Hancock International Airport

An airport’s operations often need to be proactive and reactive daily. Understanding where to dispatch critical custodial resources at a moment’s notice through sensors and feedback provides for a more targeted and efficient cleaning operation.

Instead of continuing to use a scheduled and paper-based cleaning operation, Syracuse Hancock International Airport elected to implement technology to enhance cleaning operations through data.

Client Goals

Syracuse Hancock International Airport set out to digitalize its entire cleaning operation in July 2022. It was vital for them to understand when to clean, allocate cleaning resources, and analyze usage and performance trends through sensor data, feedback, and inspections conducted through the mobile app.

TRAX Solutions

TRAX implemented its Clean+Inspect and SmartRestroom system across all 20 locations at Syracuse Hancock International Airport to collect data on when custodians arrived, the duration of cleaning tasks per employee, what inventory is utilized, and the frequency at which restrooms are being cleaned. Additionally, Syracuse can generate predictive cleaning reports for more accurate cleaning triggers at each location using throughput counters and the TRAX touchless feedback. The Clean+Inspect mobile application is used daily to confirm cleaning work and provide quality control audits for the work accomplished.


After analyzing the data, the Syracuse Operation team adjusted their cleaning schedules based on real-time restroom usage as viewed in the TRAX Platform. Syracuse began to target higher trafficked locations with more frequent cleanings and monitored the passenger feedback. Monitoring both data sets allowed the SYR team to approach their janitorial operation proactively.

The TRAX Client Success team partnered with the Operations team to analyze the data sets to identify trends, KPIs, and quality assurance metrics. The KPIs identified that 11:00 AM was the peak time of foot traffic, furthering the need to adjust cleaning schedules to support this. Fridays were consistently the busiest passenger flow day allowing SYR to properly staff as needed to enhance passenger feedback. As cleaning work was conducted, it was highlighted that it took an average of 10 minutes to clean each restroom, with paper towels being the highest used product. Since the solution’s installation, quality control has continued to be a high focus of Syracuse, as highlighted by the over 8000 inspections conducted through the mobile application.

“Syracuse International Airport values its partnership with TRAX Analytics using the Smart Restroom+Inspect system, as it has advanced our reporting processes and streamlined our custodial services significantly. This application exceeds our expectations, and we’re now able to leave paper behind to track all custodian activity, passenger traffic/feedback, and inspection scores in one easy-to-use system. The reports TRAX gives us access to take the leg work out of administrative tasks and identify where we can improve margins and save money. We’d highly recommend any facility (large or small) that utilizes custodial services to partner with TRAX, which will incur savings in both time and money”   

                                                                                           – Dennis Mathers, Director of Terminal/Landside Operations