Trax Analytics
Technology Consulting Firm for Janitorial Operation


Unsure of whether or not you have the right staff schedules or if technology can be utilized to enhance your current operation? TRAX’s team of experts can assist with staffing analysis and technology consulting to provide reports on what technology and operational work flows can be used to enhance your current or future operation.


Analyze data to determine the best solutions for your unique janitorial operation.


Create a customized scope and plan to meet your specific objectives and budget.


Implement solutions and
adjust accordingly for
optimal results.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

TRAX Analytics has decades of experience in technology and facility management, which when combined allows you to truly see how software can impact your organization and result in cost savings. TRAX specializes in customizing scopes and plans to meet unique operational goals for facilities around the globe.

TRAX has extensive experience working with every major smart restroom and technology provider in the janitorial space. We specialize in ensuring the right solution is designed to meet your operational goals. Not every venue needs the same solution – rely on our TRAX consultants to analyze your goals, provide an analysis to meet them, and suggest the right solution to accomplish them.

Adapt, Enhance, Optimize

TRAX’s goal is to utilize data from existing and new systems to optimize your organization’s janitorial operation. TRAX Analytics is driven by a desire to help clients work smarter through the digital optimization of their facilities. Need help evaluating new technology for your facility? Lean on our TRAX team to provide a deep dive into the technology, vendors, value, and data that will meet your operational goals and budget.

Work with our TRAX team to determine your path to success by identifying pain points and exploring the technologies that best suit your organizational goals. TRAX’s team can offer best practice recommendations for technology needs, assist with drafting janitorial contracts, and become your right hand as you evolve your organization with technology and data.