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Kansas City International Airport Opts Smart Restroom
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Product:TRAX SmartRestrooms

Revolutionizing Restroom Management and Facility Efficiency: A Case Study with Sodexo implementing TRAX at a clients Factory of the Future.


Sodexo takes center stage in the installation of TRAX SmartRestrooms within a cutting-edge factory of the future for one of their valued clients. The integration of this innovative restroom solution underscores Sodexo’s commitment to enhancing the operational efficiency and overall experience within their client’s facility, setting the stage for a more technologically advanced and seamless environment. This case study highlights the successful deployment of TRAX SmartRestrooms, featuring throughput counters, feedback tablets, stall occupancy lights, digital signage, and the use of TRAX Clean+Inspect mobile app, which significantly enhanced operational efficiency.


The Factory of the Future represents a pinnacle of innovation and sustainable manufacturing. With a rising number of visitors and a vast facility to manage, the building owner recognized the opportunity to streamline restroom management and improve resource allocation. In collaboration with Sodexo, an expert in facility management, the building owner adopted TRAX SmartRestrooms.


3.1. Throughput Counters TRAX SmartRestrooms integrated throughput counters at every restroom in the facility. These counters continuously monitored the flow of visitors entering and exiting restrooms, providing real-time data on restroom usage patterns. This valuable data enabled Sodexo to identify peak hours and optimize staff allocation to meet changing demands.

3.2. Feedback Tablets Feedback tablets were strategically positioned within the restrooms, allowing guests to provide instant feedback on cleanliness, facilities, and overall satisfaction. This immediate feedback loop enabled Sodexo to address issues promptly, enhancing the guest experience and maintaining high restroom standards.

3.3. Stall Occupancy Indicator lights were placed above stall doors to indicate availability with a red and green light.  This key information on the number of stalls available was displayed on digital signage outside each restroom. This allowed for an enhanced guest experience across the facility.

3.4. Digital Signage Digital signage was installed outside restrooms, displaying information regarding cleaning schedules, stall availability and estimated walk times to specific restroom facilities. This innovation improved communication with guests, helping them make informed decisions and enhancing overall facility experience.

3.5. TRAX Clean+Inspect Mobile App To further bolster efficiency, staff at the Factory of the Future were equipped with the TRAX Clean+Inspect mobile app. This app allowed staff to streamline their tasks by providing real-time updates on cleaning schedules, immediate notifications of cleanliness concerns, and a centralized platform for reporting issues.


The implementation of TRAX SmartRestrooms had a significant positive impact on the Factory of the Future:

4.1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency Before the deployment of TRAX SmartRestrooms, staff would spend an estimated 30-40 minutes walking to various areas of the facility for cleaning tasks. After the installation, the system identified areas that did not require immediate cleaning and updated the schedules, allowing staff to reallocate their resources more efficiently. This led to a substantial reduction in labor hours and cost savings while maintaining high standards of cleanliness.

4.2. Improved Guest Experience Real-time feedback from guests enabled Sodeco to address cleanliness and facility concerns promptly, resulting in a noticeable enhancement in the overall guest experience. The immediate response to feedback significantly increased guest satisfaction and loyalty.

4.3. Resource Optimization The real-time monitoring of restroom traffic and cleaning schedules empowered Sodexo to optimize resource allocation and maintenance efforts. This led to a more cost-effective operation with reduced wastage and increased sustainability.


The successful implementation of TRAX SmartRestrooms in partnership with Sodexo highlights the transformative power of modern restroom management solutions. By deploying throughput counters, feedback tablets, stall occupancy, digital signage, and the TRAX Clean+Inspect mobile app, Sodexo achieved remarkable improvements in operational efficiency, guest satisfaction, and resource optimization. This case study demonstrates how a forward-thinking approach to restroom management can positively impact the overall success of a facility, ultimately enhancing the guest experience and reducing operational costs.