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Smart Restrooms Launch at LAX

From Airport Improvement:

As part of its most recent growth in data collection and high-tech signage for airports nationwide, Infax, the data-driven provider of innovative IT solutions for airports and other public venues, announced today that it launched its data control and analytics system in a pilot program at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). In a partnership with Tooshlights, a patented smart restroom traffic management system (RTMS), Infax technology is now operating in American Airlines’ Terminal 4 restrooms, one of the airport’s busiest terminals. LAX is the first airport in the world to implement a combined Tooshlights RTMS and Infax SmartRestroom system aimed at improving the guest experience. This is part of a pilot program with plans to expand to other restrooms and terminals.

As part of LAX’s ongoing initiative to support tech innovation, the Infax integration with Tooshlights includes more than 20 smart restroom stalls, which will work similarly to parking garage lights, notifying travelers when a stall is ready to be used. Feedback data from every customer usage will be tracked and stored by Infax. Infax is solving the overcrowded and inefficient airport bathroom – reported as one of the top ten most important items to all LAX guests in 2017, according to an Airport Council International (ACI) Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Survey.

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