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Phoenix- Mesa Airport

In the bustling world of operations, finding the balance between desk work and active supervision can be a challenge. Robert, a highly-respected operations manager at Flagship Facility Services, found himself feeling disconnected from real-time operations and unable to oversee his team’s performance effectively.

JCM Business Solutions, LLC

JCM Business Solutions, a certified facility management and janitorial services organization, partnered with TRAX to implement a technology solution to standardize their operations and benchmark their janitorial services across all client bases.

Syracuse Hancock International Airport

Syracuse Hancock International Airport

TRAX implemented its Clean+Inspect and SmartRestroom system across all 20 locations at Syracuse Hancock International Airport to collect data on when custodians arrived, the duration of cleaning tasks per employee, what inventory is utilized, and the frequency at which restrooms are being cleaned.

Rapides Regional Hospital​

Rapides Regional Hospital partnered with TRAX Analytics to analyze patron feedback, identify traffic patterns, and implement accurate inventory tracking with connected dispensers to improve restroom cleaning processes and efficiency.

Rapides Regional Hospital
Riverside Convention Center

Riverside Convention Center

Our partnership here at Riverside Convention Center with TRAX Analytics through the use of the Clean + Inspect systems has enhanced our reporting capabilities and streamlined our custodial operations significantly. We enjoy the system so much that we are looking to update to a Smart Restroom license for more data visibility.

DFS Aviation Services​

DFS sought the services of TRAX Analytics to improve functionality across up to 39 airport facilities. The client examined their current protocols and outlined several challenges they wanted to remedy through the use of TRAX’s technologies.

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club is now easily able to track the frequency of cleaning services performed at all 60 locations and monitor monthly inventory reports to reduce wasteful inventory usage.

How New Technology at SJC is Improving Passenger Experiences

The need to increase safety and perform consistent disinfection protocols has inspired SJC to incorporate new advanced technology platforms in the airport.

Case Study: TRAX and Flagship

While COVID-19 presented many challenges to airports over the last year, some airports took this time to innovate and add new amenities to make the airport easier to navigate and extremely sanitary.

Atlanta Airport Case Study

Outstanding sanitation services are a crucial component of operating a successful medical
facility, so when an area requires janitorial service, an immediate response is critical…

Houston Airport Systems

Houston Airport System selected TRAX Analytics, LLC. to improve and automate their custodial operations by installing smart restroom technology in 73 restrooms across two airports…