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Rapides Regional Hospital

Rapides Regional Hospital

Outstanding sanitation services are a crucial component of operating a successful medical facility, so when an area requires janitorial service, an immediate response is critical. For large facilities and medical networks that focus solely on the health and wellbeing of their patrons, creating an enhanced cleaning process requires the right tools.

TRAX Analytics provides an array of tools and services designed to enhance sanitation services in any facility, including medical offices, where hygiene is fundamental.

Client Goals

Rapides Regional Hospital initiated an ongoing contract with TRAX Analytics to implement the TRAX Smart Restroom system in order to improve cleaning processes throughout their hospital facility. First and foremost, the client sought to analyze patron feedback trends by location to assess global and local customer needs.

The client also wanted to identify reliable restroom traffic patterns to schedule custodial services more efficiently.

Finally, the client wanted to implement a more accurate inventory tracking system with connected dispensers to carefully monitor high-usage items and avoid running low on product availability.

TRAX Solutions

Rapides Regional Hospital employed various TRAX Analytics tools to meet the goals outlined during its consultation.

The TRAX SmartRestroom System enabled the client to have visibility of consumable levels facility-wide through the installation of smart soap dispensers, smart paper towel dispensers, and smart toilet paper dispensers. Additionally, the system enabled easy data analysis of inventory needs via data collection and analysis.

Through the use of thermal throughput counters and guest survey feedback tablets, the TRAX Smart Restroom system identified the peak usage times of 9am, 11am, 12pm, and 4pm. This data, paired with the iOS TRAX mobile application, enabled custodial teams to schedule cleaning services at optimal times. In addition, the predictive analytics feature will continue to facilitate better scheduling moving forward.

Finally, by providing feedback tablets, the client could more reliably collect guest responses regarding the improvements made.


After implementing TRAX Analytics tools, Rapides Regional Hospital achieved a positive feedback score of 88% and a guest survey utilization rate of 9.5%.

Through the collection and analysis of data, the client was consistently able to monitor inventory usage, keep up with inventory demands, and monitor reports to anticipate changes.

In the last six months, the client’s custodial staff has completed more than 9,000 cleaning work tickets with the TRAX mobile application. As a result of the program, the client was able to create a data-driven, demand-based cleaning operation powered by patrons’ real-time feedback, restroom usage, and live tracking of consumable levels.