Trax Analytics

Stay on track with
Custom API Design and

If you are a hardware provider or a building owner that needs custom software development, integration development, or API creation, look no further. TRAX’s software development team is skilled at designing and developing custom APIs or connection pathways for our clients and partners.

It is crucial for facilities to eliminate data silos and create consolidated solutions. From an initial analysis of your current technology landscape and connectivity goals, TRAX can provide the services to ensure your systems communicate effectively and consolidate data.


Enable communication between disparate systems for total integration.

Create Data

Ensure that your data is accurate and up-todate, no matter where it's stored.

Develop Customized Dashboards

Designed to your specific needs, so you can understand your data at a glance.

The TRAX team can provide services to connect systems, create data pathways, and develop customized dashboards for your executive teams to ensure operational goals and KPIs are visible and reliable.