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With the use of our mobile application and optional beacon installation, TRAX Clean+Inspect ensures optimal quality and cleanliness while also providing a real-time proof of service. Functions enable janitorial personnel to digitally manage tasks, while supervisors can conduct quality control inspections facility wide.

Mobile App

Keep your facility's complete status in the palm of your hand

Track Inventory

Monitor usage of consumables and other supplies


Assign times for cleanings, inspections, and more

Monitor Your Janitorial Operations

The TRAX Clean+Inspect mobile solution monitors janitorial operations, measures performance, and tracks compliance to achieve effective, efficient, and sustainable outcomes across your facility. Clean+Inspect provides enterprise views to quickly identify location deficiencies around the nation on any account. Our janitorial inspection software helps you to identify areas that may need improvement and take corrective action to ensure a clean and safe facility.

Janitorial Inspection Software

Clean +

Clean+ implements real-time dispatching and monitoring tools to mark arrival and departure times of janitorial team members. Streamline your facility’s functions with mobile task lists & supply checklists, and provide real-time feedback once teams have reached a given destination.

  • Input tasks completed
  • Real-time notifications
  • Monitor inventory
  • Passively monitor staff activity
  • Scheduling features – project work, equipment prevent maintenance, inspections, quality control, cleaning alerts
  • Digitalize cleaning frequencies


Inspect allows real-time quality control inspections, reports, and live analytics to be retrieved at any time.

  • Perform quality control inspections
  • Cloud-based inspection viewable on dynamic graphs
  • Custom reporting capabilities
  • Interactive corrective reports
  • Monitor trends and latest cleanings in real time
  • Open API to send data to different platforms
  • Real-time notification

Janitorial Management Solution

Utilizing our TRAX Clean+Inspect mobile application expedites cleaning data delivery, remote communication to janitorial staff, the scheduling of your team, management of your cleaning alerts, and removes the need for sign-in sheets and the outdated pen and paper approach.

        TRAX Provides Unique Pricing Packages to Meet the Needs of Every Budget, Organization, and Facility








The TRAX Clean+Inspect  package allows for the customization of features, licenses, and user types for your unique corporation. The enterprise package supports corporate accounts with single dashboard views of your client base. Speak with a TRAX representative for a customized scope and pricing model to support your organization as you scale.





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Case Study: TRAX & Flagship

Frequently Asked Questions - Clean+Inspect

What is TRAX Clean+Inspect?

TRAX Clean+Inspect ensures quality and performance using a mobile application and optional beacon installation. The application requires custodial staff to check off tasks throughout the day. Our janitorial inspection software also allows supervisors to take that same task list to validate completion as well as provide feedback and images to the custodial staff.

How do I access TRAX Clean+Inspect?

To access TRAX Clean+Inspect, you will need to download the mobile application supported on both iOS and Android devices in the Apple and Google Play app stores. Simply type in “TRAX Analytics,” and the latest version will be available for download!

Can I log in to my mobile app without manually entering an email or username?

a. Absolutely. TRAX provides QR codes as an alternative login method. If you’re a system administrator for your company’s Clean+Inspect system, feel free to log in to the TRAX web application at app.traxinsights.com. Simply select “User Management” in the menu bar, then “Users.” Click “QR Code” at the top right of that list to export a code for yourself!

b. If you’re not a system administrator, TRAX team support would be happy to generate this QR code for you! Email us at support@traxinsights.com for assistance.

I need to pull reports, but I don’t see them on my TRAX Clean+Inspect App. Where can I do this?

All reports, statistics, live restroom views, and more are available through the web application at app.traxinsights.com.

I’m in the mobile app looking for my inspection scores. Where do I find those?

The menu option “Inspection Overview” provides a high-level snapshot from a venue level of inspection scores. This feature is most beneficial for clients with multiple clients or locations. The “Inspection Dashboard” will detail your venue’s top five and bottom five inspection locations, average inspector score, average venue score, lowest rated elements, and how many follow-up cleaning alerts were created.

I’d like my inspectors to create a follow-up cleaning alert if a location needs attention. Is that something the Clean+Inspect app can do?

This is a central feature of the Clean+Inspect flow. Simply have your inspectors open an inspection in the mobile app. Once completed, an automated prompt will ask that user if they’d like to create a follow-up cleaning alert.

I speak another language besides English. Does the mobile app translate to anything else?

Yes! You can change the TRAX Clean+Inspect mobile application from English to Spanish. There’s an option on the login page (top right) to toggle to Spanish and while in the mobile app (top right) as well. We are constantly improving our product and expect to add more languages this year!

I need help! Who do I contact if I have technology questions or general questions about my system?

TRAX Clean+Inspect clients have full access to our Client Success team once their system is live, and you will be introduced to a Client Success Manager prior to launch. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions you may have! If you’re not sure who to contact, our support team is always available at support@traxinsights.com.

I’d like to pre-set my inspections. How can I do this with Clean+Inspect?

The Calendar selection in the mobile application and web application for Clean+Inspect allows users to schedule their inspections in advance. Simply select “New Schedule” once on the calendar page, and follow the required field prompts!

Will I be notified of regular updates to the Clean+Inspect mobile app?

We release new versions of the mobile application at the end of every quarter (calendar year starting in January). Our Client Success team will contact you with the release date and will send out all the cool new features you can expect to see from the update about a week before it launches! Your opinion matters, as we’re always considering our client feedback to help craft these new features.