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Case Study: TRAX and Flagship
When airports utilize smart technology and IoT to advance health and safety measures throughout the airport, it’s a game-changer.
While COVID-19 presented many challenges to airports over the last year, some airports took this time to innovate and add new amenities to make the airport easier to navigate and extremely sanitary. When passenger traffic slowed, it provided airports with the time and manpower to implement health and safety measures, including distancing markers, touchless boarding pass scanners, plastic shields, hand sanitizing stations, and rapid onsite testing.
Airports across the country partner with Flagship Aviation Services (Flagship) to provide janitorial, custodial, maintenance and integrated facilities management services throughout their airport. Flagship helps them present a clean, safe, and disinfected environment to their passengers and tenants.

The Challenge

When the pandemic first began, airports increased hygiene measures to help keep passengers and employees safe.

However, as vaccines became readily available across the U.S. in 2021, the number of people who wanted to fly again began to increase.

In response to the growing number of passengers, airports wanted clearer monitoring of facility work, cleaning frequencies, and ensure their extended measures were proving successful.

The Solution

Flagship partnered with TRAX Analytics, LLC (TRAX) to design and implement TRAX Smart Restrooms. This system accumulates cleaning information and data onto one platform and works seamlessly with Flagship Intuition or the airport’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

Some of the technology available includes:

    • Throughput Counters – count the number of passengers that enter and exit an area – for example, the airport restrooms
    • Badges & Beacons – monitor when employees

begin and end their restroom cleaning tasks and provide automatic reporting of the data to Flagship Intuition or an airport’s CMMS

  • Dashboard Access – provides real-time data and analytics from the throughput counters and monitors janitorial services performed for specific areas
  • System Reporting – gives Flagship and their client airports the ability to generate reports based on the real-time data and analytics collected

Flagship Intuition is a CMMS that is available to all airport clients. It is easy to manage, monitor, can improve agility and provides data in real-time. With the addition of TRAX technology, Flagship Airport Ambassadors and/or airport clients to make changes during peak times and adjust quickly as passenger traffic ebbs and flows.

The Benefits

The TRAX technology has helped Flagship produce greater visibility into passenger trends, peak times of use, personnel saturation, and total cleaning time.

Flagship uses the information to ensure cleaning frequency requirements are being executed. It also allows Flagship to redistribute personnel quickly when there is a last-minute gate change, an early or delayed flight.

Flagship and their airport clients are also able to ensure that the airport has the correct number of personnel on duty during peak and slow times. This ensures service delivery is efficient and applied in areas that have the most critical impact.

Even though traveler traffic has not yet recovered fully to pre-pandemic numbers, especially as international routes remain limited, the TRAX Smart Restroom System is able to support current airport operations now and will become even more valuable as passenger counts increase.

The technology can be a real game-changer for airports by helping them have greater visibility into their cleaning and disinfection processes, building trust with occupants and increasing passenger satisfaction.