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TRAX SmartRestroom utilizes predictive, real-time, and historical data analysis to provide insight into the status of restroom cleanliness and overall janitorial operations.

Restroom Management System

The TRAX Smart Restroom platform is agnostic to vendors and hardware. It can integrate with over 45 different sensors including throughput counters, smart consumable dispensers, feedback solutions, digital signage, staff monitoring and stall occupancy systems. With a user-friendly mobile application, TRAX provides the front line with restroom maps and live sensor data, so teams can proactively address restocking and cleaning needs.

By utilizing proximity sensors in key areas inside the restroom, TRAX SmartRestroom alerts supervisors that work is getting completed by the right person at the right time. Our restroom management system eliminates the need for sign-in sheets and checklists by digitalizing the entire operation through passive staff monitoring and an easy-to-use mobile app.


Actionable data to
streamline your organization.


Real-time indication of
locations needing attention.

Mobile App

Stay up-to-date
anytime, anywhere.

Features include:

  • Restroom usage, trends, peak hours, and alerts
  • Attendant check-ins, location status, and cleaning durations
  • Guest feedback survey data and KPI metrics
  • Mobile app for real-time alerts, task management, cleaning work , and inventory management
  • Real-time alerts for inventory and restocking needs with visualization of sensors on a map
  • Historical, real-time and predictive data views
  • The SmartRestroom solution is vendor agnostic

Because of the flexibility with hardware and vendor integrations, the TRAX Smart Restroom solution future-proofs your facility throughout construction projects, renovations, and consumable vendor changes. Keep the user experience consistent for your teams no matter what sensor is behind it!

TRAX SmartRestroom solution is more than just a data platform. It is a janitorial platform to improve facility efficiency and labor management, reduce waste, and deliver optimal customer satisfaction.

SmartRestroom Projects

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Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU)

Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), located in Raleigh, NC, consists of 2 Terminals and provides access to thirteen (13) different airlines. RDU selected Flagship Facility Services to provide janitorial service…

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Memphis International Airport has been actively renovating and modernizing its concourses with ongoing projects totaling in over 500M. In late 2021, Memphis selected TRAX Analytics…

SmartRestroom Client Success Stories

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Airport System

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Frequently Asked Questions - Smart Restroom Solution

What is a TRAX SmartRestroom?

TRAX SmartRestroom gives insight into the status of restrooms and overall custodial operations by providing predictive, real-time, and historical data analysis. Through smart dispensers and sensors, a mobile application, and more, handling a complex facility is transformed into a data-driven process. 

Where can I download the TRAX SmartRestroom mobile app?

TRAX Analytics SmartRestroom mobile application is supported on both iOS and Android devices. Simply type in “TRAX Analytics,” and our latest version (2.6.0) will be available to download.

Can I log in to my mobile app without a username?

Absolutely. If you’re a system administrator for your company’s SmartRestroom system, feel free to log in to the TRAX web application at app.traxinsights.com. Simply select “User Management” in the menu bar, then “Users.” Click “QR Code” at the top right of that list to export a code for yourself.

If you’re not a system administrator, TRAX team support would be happy to generate this for you! Email us at: support@traxinsights.com.

I need to pull reports, but I don’t see them on my TRAX SmartRestroom app. Where can I do this?

All reports, statistics, live restroom views, and more are available through the web application at app.traxinsights.com.

I’m trying to complete a cleaning alert in the mobile app, but I don’t want to select all fields in the “task” or “inventory” sections. What’s this for?

The Task and Inventory section of your cleaning alert shows all actions your company would like to see done. Simply select the actions you’ve taken while cleaning under the Tasks section and click the number of inventory used on the Inventory page. We suggest being as accurate as possible, but you can skip by clicking the blue arrow on the right-hand side of the screen.

I speak another language besides English. Does the mobile app translate to anything else?

Yes! You can change the TRAX SmartRestroom mobile application from English to Spanish. There’s an option on the login page (top right) to toggle to Spanish and while in the mobile app (top right) as well. We are constantly improving our product and expect to add more languages this year.

My company would love to add new features to our current system. Does TRAX SmartRestrooms have the ability to incorporate smart dispensers, stall occupancy lights, or visitor feedback?

We do! The TRAX SmartRestroom platform is designed to incorporate any of the above and much more. Do you have a particular provider for smart dispensers you want to track in the system? That’s not an issue either. We pride ourselves on working with all major providers of smart dispensers and incorporating their APIs. Simply email your Client Success Manager to get started.

I need help! Who do I contact if I have technology questions or general questions about my system?

All TRAX SmartRestroom clients are assigned a Client Success Manager once their system is live. Feel free to reach out to them for any questions you may have. If you’re not sure who to contact, our support team is always available at: support@traxinsights.com.

Does TRAX SmartRestrooms offer any form of predictive analytics?

Sure does! If your company has purchased passenger tracking and feedback, this feature is built into your system. Contact your Client Success Manager to go through how often and where you can export this data. Additionally, TRAX can incorporate predictive analytics based on flight feeds depending on a clients’ specific needs. 

Will I be notified of regular updates to the SmartRestroom mobile app?

We release new versions of the mobile application at the end of every quarter (calendar year starting in January). Our Client Success team will contact you with the release date and will send out all the cool new features you can expect to see from the update about a week before it launches! Your opinion matters, as we’re always considering our client feedback to help craft these new features.