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Client: Memphis International Airport
Location: Memphis, TN
Products: TRAX SmartRestrooms
Contract Length: 1 year, renews annually
Project Start Date: October 2021

Memphis International Airport

Memphis International Airport has been actively renovating and modernizing its concourses with ongoing projects totaling in over 500M. In late 2021, Memphis selected TRAX Analytics as its technology provider to create an enhanced passenger experience as a part of the Concourse B modernization programs.

TRAX Analytics proposed and installed its TRAX SmartRestroom solution in eight (8) restrooms, which consisted of throughput monitoring, custodial monitoring with Bluetooth badges, and its TRAX mobile app.

Throughput monitoring and restroom usage data is a crucial metric to Memphis International Airport as they continue to monitor passenger trends and labor needs for cleaning frequencies. Once the throughput counter alerts the supervisors that a location needs to be serviced, janitors equipped with Bluetooth badges are dispatched to those locations to conduct their cleanings. The Bluetooth badges register passively a time and date stamp of when that cleaning took place and by whom. When a janitor leaves, supervisors can conduct quality control checks on the work to ensure a consistent standard of cleaning was performed. Once that work is finished, the throughput counters will clear out their alerts and prioritize the next location that is needing to be serviced.

The TRAX platform consumes throughput data, cleaning data, and quality control information to allow for historical analysis of the overall operation. The airport is able to view live dashboards of the status of each restroom, if its actively being serviced or when it was last serviced, and all quality control follow ups as well. TRAX is a key player in allowing Memphis to provide an enhanced, and more hygienic passenger experience within their newly modernized concourse.