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Cleaning doesn’t start and stop inside of a restroom, but instead is a facility-wide operation. Create an enterprise cleaning operation with the use of indoor mapping, live location position, and integrations to work order management systems or other building systems.

cleaning inspection software

CleanConnect gives supervisors and executive staff real-time visualization of their staff’s location, allows for pin-dropping to identify the exact location of cleaning services or maintenance need, allows for historical bread-crumb analysis of work routes completed by staff members, and integrates other building sensors and systems for a holistic and efficient cleaning operation.

commercial cleaning management software

Keep track of your moveable assets such as floor scrubbers and other cleaning tools by integrating their location and statuses into the CleanConnect platform.

Our commercial cleaning inspection software allows your cleaning operation to be planned, mapped, and visualized while pulling in real-time sensor data. React to immediate needs effectively and efficiently by alerting the resource closest to the area that needs attention. This solution is customizable to the unique requirements of your facility and can meet the needs of all venues, large and small.

Feature-Rich Cleaning Software

Features Include​:

  • Indoor positioning and wayfinding
  • Office/desk/conference room occupancy
  • Cleaning duration data tied to location and map visualization
  • Integration with work order management or building systems
  • Historical views of staff movement
  • Pin-dropping capabilities to assign work on a map
  1. Increases the visibility of staff located across the facility to allow for enhanced resource management.
  2. Allows for improved communication across multiple departments with CMMS integrations to alert for maintenance issues in the field.
  3. Provides historical walking path and duration views to assist with evaluation of staff efficiency and work schedules.
  4. Allows for facility view of sensor statuses on a map to increase the speed of identifying areas in need of service.
  5. Pin dropping on a facility map allows for increased accuracy of a cleaning request as well as allows you to assign the closest resource to the area in need.
  6. Provides wayfinding routes and walking instructions to an assigned work pin to improve response times and efficiency.
  7. Visualize real-time alerts and cleaning assignments on a map to create efficient work routes and cleaning schedules in real time.

Benefits of Our Cleaning Incpection App

Frequently Asked Questions - CleanConnect

Does CleanConnect allow me to see the location of my employees on a map?

Yes! You can see where your team is in real time or where they have been historically.

What type of maps can you use for indoor mapping?

There are several types of maps that you can use for indoor mapping. A few examples include GIS, Google, and Apple Maps.

Can you monitor the location of my employees outside as well?

Absolutely! We can do this by utilizing GPS.

Can you monitor the location of other moveable or fixed assets on a map?

Yes, you can. We can visualize floor scrubbers, compacting trashcans, hand sanitizer dispensers, and track any other moveable asset that would help enhance your janitorial operation.

What type of information do you need to provide me a quote?

It’s helpful to provide the TRAX team with as much information as possible, such as SQ Footage of your facility, maps, and a list of the systems and assets you would like to monitor.