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We are a team of technology and facility management professionals with more than 10 years of experience in delivering industry-leading products.
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IoT Smart Restroom Solutions

Improve customer experience, streamline operations, and lower costs with our smart restroom technology.
Smart Restroom Analytics

Track Usage Data to Optimize Operations

Receive reports and analytics on restroom status as well as real-time alerts based on inspection results.
Sensor and Vendor Agnostic

TRAX Can Adapt to Your Unique Systems

TRAX can utilize your existing IoT infrastructure or support you by providing innovative technology.
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TRAX Analytics simplifies facility management with data-driven solutions.


Digitalize the day-to-day tasks of your janitorial team while conducting facility-wide inspections on the same platform.
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Leverage smart restroom technology to turn each restroom into an intelligent, data-collecting environment. Improve operational efficiency, cleanliness, and overall guest experience.
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Revolutionize the entire cleaning operation by viewing facility-wide sensors, alerts and the location of your janitorial teams on a single map.

The TRAX System

We utilize technology and data to streamline janitorial operations.


Connect and monitor all aspects of facility management in one central location and simplify the process of maintaining custodial services.

Smart Monitoring

Effortlessly track restroom traffic, inventory levels, cleaning durations, work orders, and more with the TRAX SmartRestroom monitoring system.


Discover trends in peak usage, inventory depletion, maintenance schedules, and janitorial performance.

Exemplary Support

Receive boundless support throughout the implementation of our janitorial tools and data systems in your facility.

TRAX Analytics provides sustainable, manageable, user-friendly solutions for facilities of all sizes.


TRAX Analytics turns the day-to-day management of a complex facility into a data-driven process with our janitorial suite of products. Utilizing a unique blend of technology, sensor integrations and data analysis, TRAX is transforming the way businesses maintain cleanliness and manage labor resources. Our team acts as a long-term partner from the very beginning by creating customized solutions to utilize existing infrastructure and providing ongoing product enhancements, data analysis and technical support.


TRAX Clean+Inspect
TRAX SmartRestroom
TRAX CleanConnect

Case Studies

TRAX is deployed in the world’s busiest airports and facilities, which ensures that we can support any size operation and facility, large or small. Check out what our clients have to say about TRAX Analytics and our IoT Smart Restroom solutions.
Delta and JFKIAT
In 2022, TRAX was awarded a contract to provide the TRAX SmartRestrooms to Terminal 4 in partnership with Delta and JFKIAT. The project was broken down into 2 phases with Concourse A & B constructed first, and an additional phase of expanding to Headhouse later in the year. Expansion of 26 restrooms planned for coming years.
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Kansas City International Airport
Kansas City International Airport underwent a $1.5billion dollar new terminal build which opened in February 2023. With 40 new gates, the airport showcases new technology and experiences such as a sensory room, plane simulator, and restrooms (including gender neutral) equipped with TRAX SmartRestroom technology.
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LaGuardia International Airport - Terminal C
TRAX implemented an updated TRAX SmartRestroom platform and TRAX Clean+Inspect mobile app for JLL and provided Bluetooth beacons, Bluetooth badges with gateways, passenger feedback solution, video based throughput counters, and associated networking equipment.
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Square contracted Flagship Facility Services to manage its janitorial operations within its St. Louis corporate office space.
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Mercedes Benz Headquarters
Flagship Facility Services expanded their use of TRAX Analytics Clean+Inspect to their Grapevine locations after a successful implementation at Mercedes Benz Headquarters .
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Raincross Hospitality Corporation
Because of the TRAX Clean+Inspect installation, the Riverside Convention Center was able to create an efficient, digital, and demand-based cleaning operation.
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Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)
The TRAX Clean+Inspect and SmartRestoom platform in parallel allows Flagship supervisors to schedule out labor, cleaning work, inspections and project-based work.
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San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
TRAX Clean+Inspect is utilized by the facility management staff to schedule out janitorial labor and tasks, receive proof of service data, and conduct facility-wide quality control inspections.
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Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport
Flagship is able to view live reports of cleaning frequencies and durations of each cleaning straight from the TRAX platform.
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Tampa International Airport (TPA)
TRAX Clean+Inspect was implemented in over 230 locations across all terminals to enhance the process of conducting mobile inspections.
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TRAX’s mission is to innovate and digitalize how the facilities we live, work, and play in are cleaned. We believe that with the right technology and use of data, we can empower the front line to create more efficient and effective facility operations.
Our vision is to revolutionize the janitorial operation through the power of technology and data in order to create positive and memorable guest experiences.

What Others Say About TRAX Analytics

TRAX analytics has helped Flagship to bring real time data and customer feedback to our clients. This is extremely important in a dynamic environment such as an airport. We use that data to optimize our cleaning staff and help to create consistency across the facility

Courtney Wright, FMP

VP of Business Development-Aviation


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