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Tampa International Airport (TPA)
Client: Flagship Facility Services
Location: Tampa International Airport, Tampa, FL
Product: TRAX Clean+Inspect, TRAX SmartRestrooms
Contract Length: 5 Years
Project Start Date: September 2020

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

Tampa International Airport (TPA), located in Tampa, FL, is the fourth busiest airport in Florida. During the height of the COVID pandemic, Tampa International Airport and their janitorial contractor, Flagship, needed a more robust cleaning software to meet the increased demands of disinfection and sanitation.

Flagship contracted out TRAX Analytics to provide the TRAX Clean+Inspect and TRAX SmartRestroom solutions airport wide. TRAX installed 58 battery powered throughput counters to monitor the passenger usage of all landside and airside public restrooms.

With the use of the throughput counters, Flagship was able to observe the passenger restroom data from the beginning of the pandemic and monitor it as it increased once travel resumed to normal operations in 2021 and 2022. This enabled a real time pivot of janitorial staffing operations as the demand increased.
TRAX Clean+Inspect was implemented in over 230 locations across all terminals to enhance the process of conducting mobile inspections. The TRAX project management team configured all 230 locations inside the platform to enable Flagship to conduct mobile inspections more efficiently and monitor the highest and lowest performing locations inside the airport.

The TRAX Client Success team performed training on the platform to Flagship supervisors and janitorial staff, as well as, provided supplemental documentation in the event that any questions arose.