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Kansas City International Airport Opts Smart Restroom
Client:Kansas City International Airport
Location: Airport Wide
Product:TRAX SmartRestrooms
Contract Length:Renews Annually
Project Start Date:February 2022

Kansas City International Airport

Summary:  Kansas City International Airport underwent a $1.5billion dollar new terminal build which opened in February 2023. With 40 new gates, the airport showcases new technology and experiences such as a sensory room, plane simulator, and restrooms (including gender neutral) equipped with TRAX SmartRestroom technology.

TRAX was contracted through a design build project to provide a completely connected restroom solution including throughput monitoring, stall occupancy, connected dispensers, guest feedback, and digital signage. Janitorial teams are equipped with iPads running the TRAX Clean+Inspect mobile app that registers with Bluetooth beacons when they arrive to service the restrooms.

As passengers arrive to the restroom, digital signs located outside each restroom display pertinent data including the number of stalls available, the nearest restroom in the event its closed, and the name of the custodian who is actively cleaning it. As they enter into the restroom, they are navigated to available stalls by green or red indicator lights above the stall door.

To ensure consumables remain in stock and available to passengers, the soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and toilet paper dispensers are connected to the TRAX platform to provide live data on the status and fill levels across each restroom. Janitors can view digital maps of the restroom to see the exact dispenser location that is triggering the system that fill levels are low to support workflow efficiency.

As passengers exit, they are prompted to provide feedback on the experience and environment of the restroom to ensure janitors have the most accurate and real time experience data possible.

When restrooms trigger cleaning alerts, janitors in the field can see the exact location and alert in the palm of their hand. As they navigate their cleaning process, they input in their tasks accomplished, inventory used, and any relevant feedback needed.

All of the data is stored within TRAX so the airport can view performance statistics and trends as often as they need. The goal of the airport is to utilize cleaning data to provide the best passenger experience possible within their brand new terminal.