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Mercedes Benz HQ Case Study
Client:Flagship Facility Services and Square
Location:Grapevine Locations
Product:TRAX Clean+Inspect with Proximity Beacons and QR Code Cleaning Alerts
Contract Length:3 Years
Project Start Date:December 2021

Mercedes Benz Headquarters

Mercedes Benz Corporate owns many multi-story corporate office spaces throughout the nation to run their daily operations. Mercedes Benz contracted Flagship Facility Services to manage their Grapevine corporate locations. Flagship Facility Services, an integrated facility management company, provides a full range of services to MBUSA, including janitorial, maintenance, and facility management. 

Flagship Facility Services previously installed the TRAX Analytics Clean+Inspect solution at the Mercedes Benz Headquarters in Sandy Springs, GA, and due to the success of the solution in the eyes of MBUSA and Flagship, it was expanded to the Grapevine locations shortly after. TRAX provided its mobile application to support Flagships on-site teams with managing the janitorial operation within two buildings-the Learning and Performance Center and the Parts Distribution Center.  

TRAX provided twenty-six beacons to create passive “proof-of-service” data within the facility, which included when the janitor arrived for the cleaning, when they left, and the duration of the cleaning time. 

TRAX also provided QR codes to be placed in areas where Mercedes Benz employees frequently use, such as conference rooms or shared use desk space. The employee can scan the QR code, which alerts a Flagship employee that the area has been utilized and needs to be serviced. 

TRAX Analytics updated its API of the cleaning data to include these locations, which is provided to the Mercedes Benz IT department so that they could view the data on their corporate-wide dashboards.