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Delta and JFKIAT

Location:JFK Airport Terminal 4
Product:TRAX SmartRestrooms
Contract Length:Renews Annually
Project Start Date:September 2022

Delta and JFKIAT

Summary: JFK Airport is the busiest of all New York Airports and continues to be in the top 20 list of the busiest airports in the nation. TRAX Analytics has supported the janitorial operations of JFK Airport through facility management contracts for over 3 years and continues to expand services through additional contracts in other Terminals.

In 2022, TRAX was awarded a contract to provide the TRAX SmartRestrooms to Terminal 4 in partnership with Delta and JFKIAT. The project was broken down into 2 phases with Concourse A and B constructed first, and an additional phase of expanding to Headhouse later in the year. The program initiative is to continue to expand into an additional 26 restrooms over the next few years.

TRAX installed video analytic throughput counters to monitor the passenger traffic for 8 restrooms across the two concourses. Bluetooth beacons were installed to be used in parallel with the TRAX Clean+Inspect mobile application to understand cleaning times of the janitorial staff.

Furthermore, passenger feedback tablets were installed at the exit of every restroom to give passengers the ability to input in data as it relates to the restroom environment. Feedback options include no paper products available, dirty stalls, dirty floors, and more. Passengers can also type in free form comments to provide additional supportive data for the airport. If negative feedback is inputted, it gets sent immediately to the TRAX solution so that the owner can view the data and trends in real time as well as historically.

The airport utilizes this data to support their ongoing expansion of the facility as well as to continue to provide an enhanced level of passenger experience for guests traveling through Terminal 4.