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SQUARE Case Study​
Client:Flagship Facility Services and Square
Location:St Louis, MO
Product:TRAX Clean+Inspect with Proximity Beacons and QR Code Cleaning Alerts
Contract Length:3 Years
Project Start Date:January 2022


Summary: Square is a mobile payment company headquartered in San Francisco, CA, that gears its mobile solutions and products to small businesses across the globe. As Square’s popularity increased, so did its operations and corporate spaces around the nation. Square contracted Flagship Facility Services to manage its janitorial operations within its St. Louis corporate office space.  

Flagship’s previous experience and success utilizing the TRAX Clean+Inspect solution in their other corporate client locations decided to install it at Square, an easy one. 

TRAX could get the software up and running in over 230 locations, including kitchens, restrooms, conference rooms, micro-kitchens, offices, and hallways, without stepping foot on site. Flagship Facility Services installed the robust solution, which included 16 beacons for proximity data within restrooms and micro-kitchens and QR Codes for manual cleaning alerts in other touchpoints around the facility. 

TRAX provides remote technical support and client success services to Flagship and Square to ensure a continued high level of adoption and use amongst all staff members. The goal is to utilize technology to manage their operation most efficiently and effectively while ensuring their client, Square, continues to have a clean and hygienic workspace for its employees.