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San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
Client: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
Location: Dallas, TX
Product: TRAX Smart Restroom
Contract Length: 3 years + two 1-year extensions
Project Start Date: March 2020
Project Delivery Period: 5 Months
Estimated Contract Value: $3.45M

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is the largest hub for American Airlines and the third busiest airport in the world located in Dallas, TX. DFW Airport sees over 62M passengers a year and continues to grow in size and scale.

DFW released a competitive request for proposals (RFP) for Smart Restroom Technology in 2019. The requested scope was to initially provide pricing for over 8 different features and sensor types including throughput counting, stall occupancy, staff monitoring, passenger digital signage, connected dispensers, connected plumbing, and a smart restroom platform to manage staff and analyze data. DFW shortlisted TRAX Analytics (formerly a part of Infax, Inc.) in which they requested a pilot to be run at one pair of restrooms during the evaluation period.

TRAX Analytics was selected as the finalist and was requested to install the system in 163 restrooms airport-wide during the height of the COVID Pandemic. The airport selected throughput counters, staff monitoring with beacons, the TRAX mobile app, stall occupancy, digital signage, and connected dispensers as their final scope.

This project eventually merged with two different renovation projects in which TRAX supported the A/E and construction teams during the contract period.

The TRAX SmartRestroom mobile application was rolled out to over 100 different iPad mini tablets installed on janitorial carts in each of the 5 terminals. There are approximately three different facility management/janitorial service providers utilizing the system; however, each of their data sets is viewed only by their own management and DFW airport.

The TRAX Client Success team continues to meet with the Customer Experience department and Terminal Managers weekly to ensure system-wide adoption and to analyze data sets collected.