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Mercedes Benz Corporate
Client: Flagship Facility Service and Mercedes Benz Corporate
Location: Sandy Springs, GA, Grape Vine, TX, Other
Product: TRAX Clean+Inspect with Proximity Beacons; QR Code Cleaning Alert
Contract Length: 3 Years
Project Start Date: May 2021

Mercedes Benz Corporate Headquarters

Mercedes Benz Corporate Headquarters is a luxury, multi-story corporate office that contracted Flagship Facility Services to manage their facility. Flagship Facility Services, an integrated facility management company, provides a full range of services to MBUSA including janitorial, maintenance and facility management.

Flagship Facility Services contracted TRAX Analytics to provide the TRAX Clean+Inspect solution to support their janitorial and quality control efforts facility-wide. Because of the nature of this high-profile client, Flagship wanted to ensure that they provided the most up-to-date technology and data analytics to support their facility management efforts.

TRAX Clean+Inspect was rolled out to manage cleaning tasks, inventory, proof of cleaning data, and quality control inspections at locations such as corporate offices, conference rooms, and restrooms.

Because the office was not yet at full capacity during the initial rollout due to COVID, Flagship also elected to install the TRAX QR code cleaning alerts at lesser-frequented locations so that employees of Mercedes could quickly scan a QR code on their own device to alert Flagship staff that an area was utilized and needed to be serviced.

TRAX Analytics further created a unique API of the cleaning data to provide to the Mercedes Benz IT department so that they could view the data on their own corporate-wide dashboards.

Due to the success of the implementation, training, and high level of adoption, Flagship and Mercedes expanded the system to other corporate locations nationwide.