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DFS Aviation Services

DFS Aviation Services

An immense number of tasks and protocols must be addressed for a single airport to function efficiently, let alone a network of airports. As such, busy airports may fall behind on custodial inspections and services in the wake of maintaining other essential functions.

To aid management teams in effectively preserving network-wide hygiene standards, TRAX Analytics offers a selection of tools to simplify and enhance sanitation processes.

Read on to discover how TRAX Analytics and the Clean+Inspect System aided the DFS airport network in maintaining necessary operations while improving sanitation standards across 15 sites.

Client Goals

DFS sought the services of TRAX Analytics to improve functionality across up to 39 airport facilities. The client examined their current protocols and outlined several challenges they wanted to remedy through the use of TRAX’s technologies.

First and foremost, DFS management wished to replace the company’s existing inspection system and adopt a more robust application that could easily integrate with additional features as growth continued.

Additionally, the company required a system that produced optimal reporting capabilities and presented a straightforward, user-friendly interface.

TRAX Solutions

In response to the goals outlined above, TRAX Analytics partnered with DFS to implement the Clean+Inspect System at 15 DFS client sites over the course of an 18-month period. This included the installation of the Clean+Inspect applications on supervisory iOS and Android devices.

Through the use of web application reporting, TRAX was able to not only meet the data analytics goals outlined by the client, but exceed them as well.


TRAX Clean+Inspect monitored inspection performances, collected data, and recorded an average inspection time of 21 minutes across all 15 DFC locations in which the system was implemented.

Additionally, the top three DFS sites completed over 1,000 thorough inspections within the first 90 days of 2022. The added organization and efficiency of TRAX Clean+Inspect enabled DFS sites to measurably improve customer experiences across the board.

By implementing an efficient, easy-to-use inspection platform, TRAX Analytics was able to support DFS in elevating their quality control and cleaning operations across their network of airports, which continues to grow and expand today.

“We would have never gotten this level of quality or support from our previous provider, so thank you to TRAX for the C+I system.”   

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