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Riverside Convention Center

Riverside Convention Center

“Our partnership here at Riverside Convention Center with TRAX Analytics through the use of the Clean + Inspect systems has enhanced our reporting capabilities and streamlined our custodial operations significantly. We enjoy the system so much that we are looking to update to a Smart Restroom license for more data visibility

This application has exceeded performance expectations, and we’re now able to monitor cleaning activity, generate work orders and will soon see visitor activity in one easy-to-use system. The data the TRAX system has provided for us takes the leg work out of administrative tasks and identifies where we can improve facility management and save money.  We’d highly recommend any facility (large or small) who utilizes custodial services to partner with TRAX which will incur savings in both time and money.”

                                                            — Oscar Ornelas, Director of Facilities

An essential element of service at an event center is the ability of management to ensure optimal sanitation throughout the facility. Though it’s clear that unsanitary environments negatively impact the visitor experience, it can be challenging for custodial teams to keep up with sanitation demands.

TRAX Analytics seeks to provide effective solutions that help meet the custodial needs of facilities, no matter the size or occupancy.

Client Goals

Riverside Convention Center sought to ensure the completion of electrostatic sanitation procedures during every cleaning, as well as use restroom trend data to plan effective cleaning schedules during events.

In addition, this client requested the ability to observe and track 6-minute cleaning durations for each member of the custodial team.

Currently, the convention center has two custodial staff members performing cleaning procedures. Management would like to utilize TRAX Analytics to determine whether an additional team member is needed to ensure the highest possible standards during events with more than 4,000 people in attendance.

TRAX Solutions

To achieve the list of sanitation goals expressed by Riverside Convention Center, TRAX Analytics installed the Clean + Inspect System in 12 unique locations within the facility (including 6 restrooms). These implementations allowed management full visibility of cleaning activities throughout the center, including

  • the ability to determine which custodial staff member performed cleaning procedures in a chosen location
  • how much time was spent on the task
  • how many cleaning procedures are performed during high-traffic, heavy occupancy occasions

The features TRAX Analytics utilized within the Clean + Inspect System to accomplish the above-listed goals included the installation of the system’s beacons and sensors, access and guidance in operating the system’s web and mobile applications, and TRAX reports generated through the collection and analysis of custodial data.


The data collected and analyzed during the trial period for the Clean + Inspect System revealed the following improvements:

  • 6+ minute cleaning times for custodial staff
  • 500+ cleaning tasks completed in 90 days
  • 200+ cleaning alerts completed in 90 days
  • 30+ inspections completed
  • 40-minute average inspection duration

The client was pleased with the capabilities of the system and opted to adopt the Smart Restroom System in early 2022. Upon full implementation, Riverside Convention Center plans to optimize cleaning frequencies automatically in order to ensure exceptional sanitation practices throughout the facility.

Riverside Convention Center is confident that adopting a Smart Restroom System will allow them to analyze visitor data in order to enhance operational management and provide guests with optimum sanitation services.