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The Future of Touchless Tech in Convention Centers

How No-Touch Technology is Boosting Restroom Hygiene

As the world learned about the deadly Covid-19 virus, we also began to learn more about how these diseases are spread and how they cause infection. Infectious diseases like the coronavirus and the common flu are commonly transferred person to person through direct contact with other people, through the air, and when we contact surfaces that carry lingering bacteria.

As we all begin to venture forth back into the world, the need for more advanced hygienic practices are not only essential but also potentially life-saving.

Due to the extra attention given to safety precautions and the advancements in facilities automation, incorporating no-touch technologies into public lavatories is the future of cleanliness and hygiene.

Touchless Hand Dryers and Latest Technology Innovations

The likelihood of germs being transferred is 1000 times higher when your hands are wet. In the times of Covid-19, many people are refraining from touching a hand dryer due to the fear of coming in contact with the Covid-19 virus. Moreover, the alternative for hand dryers is paper towels, which create a mess of their own when they get wet. They might get clogged up in drains, spill out from trash cans and serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

If we consider all the points above, a hand dryer becomes crucial for hygiene and safety. Below are some recent tech innovations that make a compelling case for installing them in your facilities:

  • Adjustable sound and speed control: Now, you can alter the speed and sound coming from the hand dryer. It is ideal for small restrooms where excessive sound can spoil the experience of other users.
  • Adjustable heat settings: The heat settings can be modified depending on your preference.
  • Low-power consumption: Cutting-edge hand dryer technology allows for a considerable reduction in power consumed. As a result, a hand dryer becomes a more lucrative option than a hand towel.

Importance of Touchless Dispensers and Latest Technology Innovations

Nearly 50% of foodborne diseases are caused because people fail to wash their hands or wash them incorrectly. Keeping hands clean by using hand sanitizers and soap is considered the best way to prevent the transfer of viruses through touch. 

However, if you have to push the button of the dispenser, you might be transferring the virus onto your hands, which completely defeats the purpose of washing your hands in the first place. Investing in a touchless dispenser that incorporates all the latest technological innovations such as uniform quantity and infrared sensors will decrease the spread of deadly bacteria.

  • Dispensing in a uniform quantity: Hi-tech dispensers always release a constant amount of soap/water/sanitizer whenever you use them. As a result, there is less waste resulting in cost savings. This also provides the user with the right amount of liquid to wash or sanitize their hands, improving overall hygiene.
  • Preventing spillage with infrared sensors: The release and stop of the fluids are controlled with touchless sensors. The best dispensers use the latest IR technology to ensure that the release and stop mechanisms are timed correctly. Therefore, spillage in the surrounding area is minimized/eliminated, and restroom hygiene and safety are minimized.

Touchless technology is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. From car controls to essential house appliances, we can see this technology shaping the human experience differently. The power to create a safe and hygienic restroom utilizing the latest tech in facilities maintenance and custodial services creates an elevated user experience and cost savings for the company. Learn more about TRAX Smart Restroom technology and how it can enhance your facilities management.