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How to work your way to the top in business #tidbitswithtracy

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Natalia, President of Norsan Media, speaks with our President and CEO, Tracy Davis, on her journey to becoming the President of Norsan Media. From starting from the bottom of a business and working your way up, Natalia shares her experiences with us today.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the following:
1. Separating business from personal
2. Working your way to the top
3. Family business dynamic
4. Cultural dynamics
5. Communication is the most important thing
6. Leadership & training

Norsan Media: Delivers measurable results via marketing campaigns that successfully engage the Hispanic community in their markets. Their media outlets specialize in locally produced and relevant content, extensive community involvement, and outreach. Norsan Media owns and operates 31 radio signals, 3 print and digital publications, 4 TV stations, and events. Learn more here