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10 Custodial Trends in Schools to Look Out for in 2022

10 Custodial Trends in Schools to Look Out for in 2022

As the US continues to return children to public schools, many people have questions about how custodial managers plan to ensure optimal cleanliness without disrupting the flow of learning sessions.

Luckily, technology is constantly evolving to adapt to new challenges. Here are some of the custodial trends we expect to improve sanitation efforts in schools during 2022.

#1- Increased Cleaning Frequency

As a part of the effort to keep schools clean, custodial teams may find it beneficial to increase the frequency of their cleaning services.

#2- Equipment Improvements

More efficient cleaning equipment can significantly benefit custodial teams looking to do a more thorough job throughout their shifts.

#3- Better Time Management

Custodial teams may choose to dispatch cleaning services between class sessions. In other words, as soon as students leave the classroom, janitorial professionals will enter to provide a quick and efficient cleaning service as needed.

#4- Automating Services

Automating certain aspects of facility management is another step toward improving custodial services. By adding devices that monitor hallways and restrooms, custodial professionals can be alerted to a hygiene need as soon as it occurs.

#5- New Product Availability

Enhancing the efficiency of cleaning products may prove incredibly useful for custodial professionals. For example, cleaning products that produce fewer chemical odors may allow cleaning staff to perform sanitary procedures without disrupting students and teachers.

#6- Duration Changes

Traffic indicators may aid custodial teams in effectively planning for different cleaning durations. If a particular room or area is only empty for a limited period, cleaning professionals can develop plans for cleaning effectively within a specific timeframe.

#7- Smart Technology

Smart technology may be one of the most promising advancements in the custodial service industry. By using technology, teams can monitor progress, performance, and availability to improve time management and reduce interruptions in inventory levels.

#8- Getting Everyone Involved

In many countries across the globe, it’s common for students and teachers to help keep classrooms and walkways clean. This behavior may become a trend in the US as well, in which students and staff take a few minutes out of each period to tidy up the classroom before the next class starts.

#9- Implementing Data

Data is an essential part of improving sanitation services. By collecting and analyzing information based on performance, cleaning durations, sanitation ratings, and other parameters, custodial teams can determine which aspects of their work need improvements and which can continue as is.

#10- Quality Assurance

Ensuring optimal cleanliness in schools requires an eye for detail. By having professionals and technologies dedicated to improving hygiene practices, custodial managers can monitor the quality of work that goes into each cleaning session. Monitoring and analyzing this information helps teams continue to produce effective results.

Adhering to the best safety and sanitation practices is essential for providing an ideal learning environment. By experimenting with new technologies and exploring new data, custodial teams can adapt to the needs of the educational facilities in which they operate.