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How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Casino Industry

How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Casino Industry

Safety and sanitation are critical considerations in the casino industry. Over the past three years, the application of advanced cleaning technology has revolutionized how today’s casinos operate.

Take a look at some of the foundational ways custodial services have improved casino functionality.

Cleaning Tech for Gaming Floors

Since the pandemic, casino management teams have expanded custodial services by using new technologies. One such advancement involves implementing floor-specific sanitation technologies that thoroughly clean gaming equipment between each use. Notifications trigger when one session ends so that custodial staff can clean the machine. A verification ticket is then printed so that the following user knows they’re using a sanitized machine.

Sanitizing Game Pieces

While gaming chip cleaning systems are not a new concept in the casino industry, they’re being utilized far more now than in the past. Since the onset of the COVID crisis, casinos have constantly been looking for innovative ways to clean the massive amounts of chips that pass through the hands of their employees and clientele. Newly-developed technology allows casinos to clean up to 20,000 chips per hour, adding much-needed efficiency to the sanitation process.

Electrostatic Sprayers

When it comes to advanced cleaning technology, electrostatic sprayers are one of the most widely applicable tools available. Unlike standard sprayers, these devices dispense sanitizing droplets that are both far-reaching and quick-drying. Custodial teams do not need to scrub these spray solutions, so they’re ideal for high-traffic areas like casino floors.

Smart Restroom Technology

Ensuring that casino restrooms remain clean and well-stocked is a crucial component of effective custodial service. By utilizing smart restroom technologies, management can ensure that cleanings are conducted during low-traffic times, inventories remain at adequate levels, and touchless applications reduce the spread of germs to other parts of the facility.

Additionally, the inventory management capabilities that smart restrooms offer can help casinos save money on products while keeping supplies stocked adequately. Data collection predicts how much product will get used during a given period, so custodial managers can order exactly what the facility needs rather than wasting money on too much inventory that will otherwise need to be stored.

Implementing new technologies into casino operations is essential in today’s age. By staying up to date with recent developments and availabilities, casino owners and management teams can better meet the needs of both staff and visitors.